Learning the traits of other Sims...?

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User Info: Curasl

7 years ago#1
What do you normally have to do to learn traits? My Sim just has no luck with discovering them. For all of her Adult and Young Adult life (with Epic aging on), she's been best buds with Bella Bachelor, but I've only found out one trait, for example.
I almost feel bad for Bella. I am constantly dragging her over to my house and spamming her up with Friendly interactions, and I still only know Bookworm... I do know she's got the Good trait because she's used Brighten Day on me, but my Sim hasn't officially learned it.
I've read that Chat has a random chance of discovering a trait, but I've never seen this happen. Is it possible my Sim's Coward or Neurotic trait lessens the chances of learning traits (or maybe because she's in the Political career no one trusts her, heh)? I can only find out traits if I ask about them specifically, like with Talk About Books (how I learned Bella's Bookworm trait). My Sim even has max Charisma and befriends people just from introducing herself, you'd think she'd be able to fish these kinds of things out of others with ease. :P

I'm beginning to wonder if this is a bug, haha. I only have the base game (no custom content at all), plus the newest patch.

What are your strategies for learning traits?

User Info: Cute-Baby

7 years ago#2
Your sim has to have an interaction that has something to do with the trait. Example, if an evil sim uses mastermind plot then the other sim will learning to that the evil. Also one of the lifetime rewards makes you learn traits faster.

User Info: Curasl

7 years ago#3
The problem with that lifetime trait is that it teaches me the first 3, but I have no way of finding out the last 2 so I still have the problem of being utterly stuck. As for using relevant interactions, how do I learn traits when there isn't an obvious one? Like with Lucky or something. Or like you said with the Evil trait, do I have to sit around and wait for them to use Mastermind Plot (if they even will autonomously) or what?

Argh, so many questions. Sorry, haha. I can't seem to figure this Trait thing out. I've e-mailed EA twice to ask them for advice and they apparently need to remove the Strategy / Guide category because they keep complaining to me that they only answer technical queries. :D

User Info: sztt

7 years ago#4

I have wondered if there is muchbenefit to Sims knowing each others traits?

User Info: randomgirl3

7 years ago#5
i know why don't you just make your sim do some things that have to do whith your sim.that always works whith me when i can't learn another sims trait.If that dosn't work i'll be in shock!
randomness is my best friend! =D

User Info: LightHawKnight

7 years ago#6
Get the journalism career, as long as they dont live with your sims, you can interview them, and that reveals traits easily as well, though one of my sims got the 50 trait challenge while meditating...
Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything.

User Info: RCtheWSBC

7 years ago#7

From: sztt | #004
I have wondered if there is muchbenefit to Sims knowing each others traits?

It's kinda like a compatibility thing, I supposed. Sims with traits in common like each other more, Sims with offsetting traits don't really go well together.
RC: the White Sounding Black Chick
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