Any way to make household children or spouse NPCs?

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User Info: Spark13570

7 years ago#1
I only want to play my main sim but eventually want her to get married and have a kid. I heard that you can make toddlers in households NPCs, does that carry into when they grow up into children and teens and yound adult, etc.? And is there any possible way to make a spouse in the household a NPC? (Not just ignoring it)?

Thank you!

User Info: angel0886

7 years ago#2
No, but ignoring them is pretty much the same. I don't get you people's aversion to just ignoring them.
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User Info: Lithalia

7 years ago#3
I /think/ you can go to the "Edit Town" option in the Options Menu, and you can move sims to different households. I had an adult NPC move in with my main Sim, but then wanted to move her out again, and "Edit Town" is how I did it. I'm not completely sure if it'll work on toddlers, though.
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User Info: RCtheWSBC

7 years ago#4
To my knowledge, TC doesn't want to move his/her Sim's spouse and kid out just to make them NPCs.
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User Info: el_flel

7 years ago#5
Yeah, just ignore them like angel0886 said. They'll take care of themselves.
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