Is there a fix for this horrid Lag?

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User Info: Harker409

7 years ago#1
I recently upgraded my PC cause I thought it would help with the rotten lag in sims 3 but the game is almost unplayable. I deleted all my save data, reinstalled the game, updated it, cleaned the temp files, defragged, did disk cleanup, and the lag is still so rotten and animation so choppy that I can't even play the game. I was gonna buy the expansion but not till I figure this out.


P4 630 3.0 ghz
4gb of Kingston Hyper X rated at 2900
Geforce 9600GT 512mb card
Corsair 750w PSU
180gb HDD

Any suggestions for making the game run better? It even runs cruddy at low settings and Im not sure what to do....I went thru and updated all my drivers too.

User Info: scottrand05

7 years ago#2
Both your CPU and GPU are fairly old. Your CPU, although a 3GHz, is only a single core and not even as good as Dual Core 2.4Ghz.

User Info: Harker409

7 years ago#3
That can't be the issue because I was playing Sims3 just fine with zero lag when it first came out. Something else has to be up with it. I havent played for a few months but I recently updated it with a new patch and now the game performance seems worse.

User Info: Francis_Nerrrrr

7 years ago#4
Ditto. The new patch has made my game lag too.
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User Info: Ehzul

7 years ago#5

I didn't download the last patch but the problem occured in my game too, now it's unplayable.

Something to do with Windows updates, maybe...?

User Info: frozen_flames

7 years ago#6
The fix: upgrade your PC
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  3. Is there a fix for this horrid Lag?

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