can't go past romantic interest (no "go steady" or "propose")

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User Info: creasykhan

7 years ago#1
so i've recently encountered the problem (some say glitch) where my sim can't go past romantic interest (translation=no "go steady" or "propose")

this is in a one sim game (started the game with one sim and now have a girl roommate).
to make sure this wasn't an entire game problem. i started a new game and got the "go steady" option on the second day.

circumstances that seem to cause this problem. i've looked on the internet and some common elements that i've seen is:
having the newest patch and/or newest expansion (high end loft).
the sim needs to break up with a girl friend or fiance. once they break up they never get the option again.

to get around the problem i've tried to have the sims break up then get back together and changed some of the traits to family-oriented and hopeless romantic. nothing

anyone have any ideas to get around the problem? i'm considering trying to move the group then moving them back but i don't have high hopes for this....

-thanks in advance

User Info: creasykhan

7 years ago#2
forgot to mention that the problem is not limited to one sim games like my own

people have said they have had this problem with households that have more than one sim

User Info: damientheomen3

7 years ago#3

I've gotten back together with ex girlfriends and ex fiancees before, you just need to select 'ask to just be friends' in the friendly panel first. As for going steady, make sure you have her thing say that she thinks you're b eing 'extremely irresistable', then the option will show up

User Info: creasykhan

7 years ago#4
i've recreated the situation and embarrassed to say that my initial guesses to what caused the problem were wrong

i've found that sometimes the gamed does not track relationship properly. for example, if i start to "go steady" with a character in china then i leave, the game sometimes doesn't remember that you have reached that stage in the relationship. thus it gets stuck at romantic interest. it doesn't remember that you already had your first kiss or boyfriend/girlfriend. thus, you should be at the boyfriend/girlfriend stage but the game sometimes glitches and doesn't remember. the "go steady" option does not reappear and, because you are stuck at the romantic interest stage, you can not propose either.

i've found that this problem tends to go away if you have the big moments, go steady and proposing, happen on your lot or in town.

happy gaming!

User Info: el_flel

7 years ago#5
There is a glitch with WA whereby if a sim has previously broken up with someone then they are unable to get in another relationship. Awesomemod has fixed this I believe.
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  3. can't go past romantic interest (no "go steady" or "propose")

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