What order did the expansions come out?

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User Info: infamous888

6 years ago#1
I wanna get them in order. Even if I don't have, I still want to.
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User Info: Francis_Nerrrrr

6 years ago#2
WA, Ambitions, Late Night.

Stuff Packs included: WA, HELS, Ambitions, Fast Lane, Late Night.
It's RC, mother****ers
What's changed?

User Info: pokemaster999

6 years ago#3
World Adventures, High End Loft Stuff, Ambitions, Fast Lane, Late Night Outdoor Living Stuff
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User Info: BAG_LADY

6 years ago#4
Sims 3

EP1 World Adventures

SP1 High-End Loft

EP2 Ambitions

SP2 Fast Lane

EP3 Late Night

SP3 Outdoor Living
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  3. What order did the expansions come out?

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