My Sim is Frozen

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User Info: friedchickens

6 years ago#1
One of my sims is completely frozen. She was in the middle of conversation with her husband and just froze. Her thumbnail picture is blank and there is no plumb bob. I can't select her or have others interac with hert. Her family tree pic is also blank. She's still there in the family picture (edit town/change household).

I've tried resetsim, moving her out, evicting the whole family and moveobjects and trying to delete her. She just becomes invisible. Nothing I've tried is working. Does anyone have any ideas other than playing an older save game. I'd lose a lot of work.

User Info: Xegethra

6 years ago#2
its the odd glitch like this why i make two saves everytime i save at all. so if one later gets messy, i can just use the other save...which is never far behind as i save, all the time

i wouldnt know any other way to fix it, its never happened to me before
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User Info: BAG_LADY

6 years ago#3
*sigh* Poor dood... Send angry emails to EA and demand compensations for losing alot of work
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User Info: friedchickens

6 years ago#4
Apparently, my game has problems. Every time I save it now, the last family played will have at least one frozen sim. I've had entire families frozen. After many attempts I did figure out how to unfreeze my sims.

First, I moved every non frozen sim out. The frozen sim finally got a plumb bob and I was able to attempt to have them interact with objects but they were still frozen. resetsim and moveobjects still didn't work.

I saved the game with the frozen sim as the active household. I exited the game and loaded the previous save file. The game loaded with the lot but no sim or interior home views even though it's the active household. Going to edit town it showed no one living there even thought I never moved the frozen sim out. I switched active household to the moved family. I had one of them call and invite the frozen sim over and invited them to move in. I got my frozen sim back. I did have early issues with the frozen sim saying they're too busy and to call back in 3,4 and even 20 hrs. I just had to make sure that before I moved anyone out, no one was having a major event like birthday age transition. Because my game is glitchy I just created a throwaway household and make them the last active household I save before quiting the game.

Not sure if this same moveout/ switch active household procedure had been recommended for frozen sims but I worked for me and I hope it helps others out.
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