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User Info: Gemininoiser

4 years ago#1
I recently bought Sims 3 and the Pets expansion, but I'm having trouble with the Pets expansion.

Whenever I first put in the Pets expansion to play the game, before I even log into origin, the game will sometimes seem to start to load up, but will instead says some thing like " Do you wish to delete the application", other times nothing happens.

Whenever I try to load the game from Origin, I can get the launcher to show up, but when I click play I get the message "Disk Authentication Error" "No game disc found, please insert Sims 3 Pets game disc", or something like that.

It seems like my computer does not detect that Sims 3 Pets is inside, because there is almost no indication of it being inside, except that in the beginning the light on the CD/DVD drive flashes. Looking at the drive in My Computer show nothing.

When I first tried to install the Pets expansion pack I had trouble because the disc would do nothing, no auto run started up, and I couldn't get it to run manually.

Both Sims 3 and the expansion are hard copies.

I've tried restarting the computer.

My Os is Window XP btw.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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User Info: j mcdermid

j mcdermid
4 years ago#2

Try this first.
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