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User Info: wiiman1996

8 years ago#1
Now I know this is a matter of opinion, but I'd like to know what you guys think the best mastery combination in the game is, I've tried a few different ones but would like to know what you guys think.

User Info: DarthShrimp

8 years ago#2
The combinations with the best synergies are supposedly Conqueror (warfare+offense) and Haruspex (dream+hunting), from what I've heard. My Haruspex has really no problem whatsoever in Legendary, having really high DA and avoid missile (although all her resistances are in the negative, as long as she doesn't get hit...) ; but my Conqueror, on the other hand, still has issues near the end of Normal act 4 I think his stuff is a little outdated though.

Spirit+Storm was considered godly at some time too, Spirit+Warfare or Dream+Warfare should be really good too.

User Info: ShaftAlmighty

8 years ago#3
Nature+Defense with -recharge gear focusing on colossus form made my guy virtually invincible. The only way my character could die is from energy leeching him dry/losing all energy.
Energy loss and stairs and small doorways are the only things that can stop him.

Dream+Hunting has incredible damage. Coupled with Trance of Empathy, you can walk into a crowd and Phantom Strike everyone regaining full health.
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User Info: Esoteric

8 years ago#4

Haruspex (dream + hunting) is just absurdly powerful.

User Info: wiiman1996

8 years ago#5
huh, I never would have thought dream and hunting would be that powerful, that's something I'll definitely have to try. (and sorry for taking so long to post again)

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