Tech and Food hack

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User Info: Neo_Nova

8 years ago#1
Just Follow this steps and you will have 99999999 or any numbers of Tech and Food points you wanted.


1.Download the Cheat engine (LATEST VERSION).
2.Launch the Cheat engine no to all question the cheat engine questioned you.
3.Next,click the small computer with magnifying glass at the corner of the cheat engine.
4.Scroll down until you see the Virtual Villagers (any Virtual Villagers will work and make sure the Virtual Villagers is launched)
5.Then,type in value your tech points or food points numbers. Then scan.
6.Wait until you see few numbers at address.Then Double click at them.
7.You will see the Address are copied below the search.
8.Shift Left-Click all of then then right click then set value then put the number you wanted.
9.Go back to Virtual Villagers and you will see nothing happen on Tech or Food points but if you spend your the Tech or Food points something will happen.
10.HURRAY!!!!You have 9999999999 or the number you typed in the value tech or food points.(Do it again on food or tech points after you do it on whatever you choose either two of them)

You are welcome guys!!!
Just message me if there is a problem

User Info: Neo_Nova

8 years ago#2
Also increase or decrease the food or tech points if there are too many address

User Info: MalayGrunge

8 years ago#3
hey thx for the tips :) it worked for me :)

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