What if doa + tekken = ?

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User Info: knightimex

7 years ago#1
For whatever reason namco decided to merge with tecmo.
Don't say it can't\won't happen Sonic chills with Mario now mind you.

What would a doa + tekken game be like? same?
Gamertag: KnightimeX

User Info: dybyhands

7 years ago#2
No Way

User Info: sumuthergamer

7 years ago#3
Well... it depends..

Think of Capcom and SNK.

Capcom made "Capcom vs. SNK" and "Capcom vs. SNK 2".
SNK made "SNK vs. Capcom Chaos".

So it depends who makes it.

User Info: MajinTyson

7 years ago#4
I've always talked of this since DOA3.
DOA definitely has better graphics so, they'd be in charge of that shift.
As for the fighting styles and art of gameplay.
That'd go straight to Namco's Tekken team with the assisstance of Tecmo's DOA team.
DOA Vs. Tekken would be such a godly game and sell so much due to just fanbase for both games themselves.Millions!
I'd love to see this before I die.

User Info: sakazaki69

7 years ago#5
Which button configuration would it use: Tekken's LP,RP, LK, RK or DOA's P, K, Hold?

Anyways, I allows thought DOA would be a better team with Virtua Fighter, including a similar button scheme.

User Info: swiftymcveigh

7 years ago#6
I don't agree that DOA has better graphics, really, I find them about the same level. Awesome graphics for both franchises, though.

About the controls - Hell, I don't know. I mean, you even guard differently in the two franchises, I'm not sure it's doable.

On the other hand... Yoshimitsu is still in the SC series, and Heihachi made a jump there in SC too, which has a control scheme that's closer to DoA's. My guess would be for that to be the fighting style, really.

Also: I'd buy.
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User Info: CHADbomb

7 years ago#7

but Itagaki hates Tekken!!!

User Info: Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons
7 years ago#8
Control wise... nothing at all alike. I will say one thing, if Namco had done the volleyball game, it would have had a greater chance of actually being a true game.

To me Soul Calibur is a closer game to DOA, control wise. A Taki vs Ayane or Kasumi fight would be insane. Both games have toyed with major babe factors

As for MR Itagaki hating this or that....He's out of the picture. It was all publicity anyways...The illusion of David throwing rocks at Goliath and getting noticed for it. Unfortunately this kind of soap opera takes away from a game. It became too much about Mr Itagaki at times, and not the game itself.

Either way...I hope for the day DOA returns, hopefully in much smarter hands, with less egos, and better questions being asked about where this game is going. Its too good to throw away.

User Info: ffviiifreak

7 years ago#9

CHADbomb posted...

but Itagaki hates Tekken!!!

So true but sadly he is no longer with the property that aside they are truely different games granted T6 tried rip on destructive environments and a lot of the newer moves look like DOA moves but they are extremely different in the aspects of combat.

User Info: SpaceXoDDity

7 years ago#10
DOA girls + Tekken guys would make one hell of a popular fighting game.
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