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User Info: Nizzidramaniiyt

7 years ago#21
Listen... I love DOA4, but the competitive scene (so the depth) is really really poor. But imo, that's the charm of the series. The threshold is even lower then with TEkken. so you can play it with friends and actually have fun with it, unlike certain other games. Like UFC, Streetfighter, VF5,... These are way to hard for relative newcomers, which means boredom for more experienced players. So in game meetings you skip to other games.

Also, I love the coop tag team feature. No other modern game has it (i think). tag team is the strenght of DOA and imo it's trademark.

User Info: Autumn_Hayabusa

7 years ago#22
Yeah, didn't Team ninja say something like "don't worry fans, its not the end of DOA or ninja gaiden!"

and I heard they won the law suit and now own the rites for DOA and Ninja gaiden!

I am on the verge of tears! I had finally come to terms with DOA's end.. and now all the feelings of DOA5 being a possibility come flooding back?? I can only pray that DOA5 comes to be a reality.. we have all waited too long!

DOA is not for the hardcore fighting game fans, it could have been but i've always found your "frames" and love for 2D fighters petty and illogical. DOA is about FUN!! does it really matter who wins as long as you both have fun? weren't games designed for the purpose of fun? Look at the style, look at the boobs, look at the story! DOA was never a serious, international tournament game.
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User Info: YuffieGVxx

7 years ago#23
I like DOA, but seriously... between two skilled players a broken fighting game with poor balance is going to be very not-fun. There's a reason serious fighting game competitors shun DOA, and there's a very legitimate reason. They enjoy competition. You will not get good competition in DOA. The roster is seriously unbalanced, and moreover there isn't much depth to the "style" you mentioned, so therefore many people simply fail to see the appeal in spending a lot of time with it.

Think of it like this. To them, it's the difference between putting together one of those $5 styrofoam plane kit toys or spending hours or days putting together a big, expensive, complicated kit that takes a great deal of skill and attention to detail in order to properly trim, assemble, paint, and decal it.

They're both fun to various kinds of people, but one just isn't going to hold the attention of a serious hobbyist. Granted, DOA's deeper than say... Mortal Kombat, but still.

Of course, some recklessly unbalanced games (MvC2) are still popular simply because there are enough characters in the cast to comprise a decent roster of top tiers.

but i've always found your "frames" and love for 2D fighters petty and illogical.

The only thing petty and illogical is you harping on 2D fighters.

does it really matter who wins as long as you both have fun?

A lot of people don't have fun unless the game's competitively designed. DOA is a bit like playing football where one team's endzone extends twenty yards onto what a regulation field would be, one team's covered in grease, and there's no more forward passing.

Look, I like DOA. It's fun. But it's not everyone's cup of tea, and for good reason. Slamming competitive-minded players because that's what they enjoy is just stupid and hypocritical.
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User Info: Scissors61

7 years ago#24
I'm curious to see how this game turns out. Hayashi didn't exactly prove himself with Sigma 2(quite the opposite really).

Dead or Alive 4 improved the balance of the game to make it a little more competitive(Ultimate and it's overpowered throws and especially high damage reversals with too long windows). Even better post patch with the nerfed Fu. Keep the balance, maybe lower counter windows yet again, add more costumes(DoA4 is too light on costumes, and too heavy on color swaps>_>, but, nitpicking), and it's all good.
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