From a street fighter player who picked up doa5

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User Info: getofred

5 years ago#1
I just wanted to clear the air on a few things -

1-To the people that say this is a mashers game. I tell you this:
any fighting game will yield attack animations by mashing buttons. In doa 5 you are much more likely to get combo strings out of mashing.

However- I have spent about a week playing the game and can tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT that mashing DOES NOT PROSPER in DOA5 whatsoever. The only way it does would be if two unskilled players were both mashing. After learning a few moves you learn to understand when to use them and how to apply them in different ways. It becomes very interesting because you do NOT have to keep hitting attacks and can end combos prematurely to set up offense or mixup.

2-Blocking works
As a lifelong SF player i understand the importance of recognizing attack strings and blocking . I am stating to recognize opponent attacks and punish accordingly. By blocking, waiting for the right time to attack and knowing your move set it is becoming clear that this game rewards smart blocking. It is nowhere near as random as it seems at first.In my opinion anyone who takes the time to learn a character matchup will see patterns and learn to capitalize on mistakes.

and briefly- the hold system works brilliantly...misfired holds get HURT. And with a little skill you can take away an opponents willingness to finish B-n-B combos because you can counter. It makes for some crazy mind games which remind me of SF

3-MY impressions of the game in general

It is not hard to learn a character as long as you dont get intimidated by the amount of moves available. If you just learn in bits and pieces it will absorb. Just stick to basics at first. learn a few moves and identify the ranges and properties of ONE button press and directions first. Then start to use them. It helps you isolate the opening attack of a combo string. Any combo STARTS with one hit. So knowing the One hit inside and out will take you there.

I wish there were more stages. I know they want to make the stages less dynamic for competitve purposes but to be honest. Sometimes you dont HAVE to play a game with a tournament mindset. It doesnt hurt to add more varied heights and nooks to stages like doa4.

Music sucks imo but whatever if you are like me you play something off the hard drive to fit the mood. Try playing war zone to the piano sonatas of metal gear for a whole different experience all together. I pictured elliot as a young liquid snake hah

tag battle is wild and I cant imagine some of the crazy combos a few hours in the lab would yield. YIKES

The stage specific gadgets are mad fun to trigger. It is intensely satisfying to end a combo into an event. I was laughing out loud by myself last night and that NEVER happens with me and fighting games. Its just mad fun.

this game could use super meters and EX moves for an extra layer of danger. Thats cause im just used to it I guess. Although to be fair most cliffhanger attacks come close enough to satisfy that urge for extra cinematic PAIN

If you play SF or any other type of 2d plane fighting game I would reccomend you give this game a shot.It is ALOT of fun and if you are like me...about one or two days of serious learning is all it takes to really understand the basics. It is fast paced and hella fun to play. "HIGHLY" reccomended if you know what I mean ; )

anyway if you think im trolling or a just a fanboy for DOA. Check my history on xbx live- Sarvets . I traditionally come from a 2d fighting game backround and have found doa to be one of the best fighters Ive ever played in a long time. WORD UP

User Info: lephong919

5 years ago#2
Great write-up man! Very detailed and insightful. Love reading impressions of new DOA players.

User Info: getofred

5 years ago#3
thanks dude. I got no problem getting behind a game like this. Go to training mode....pick hyabusa ...set the cpu to do mid attack....respond with Down p+k tap hold and see how many times in a row you can teleport hahahah i stopped counting at 30 something. It should be a mini game

User Info: x40sandBlunts

5 years ago#4
Word up indeed

User Info: Tysakasa

5 years ago#5
Yeah it's annoying to find people who never really sit down and play Dead or Alive bash the game because of it's fan service (really? when you're fighting, you're watching their MOVES NOT their ASSETS ... that's what replays are for XD) and a button masher because of how fast the game moves and how easy it is to give combos. But the game is pretty solid, maybe not as deep as Virtua Fighter, but it has it's own style of play.

To get anywhere in the series, you need to think fast and react fast to the point that it's a natural reaction. Where as I find other fighters to be fairly slow in comparison. I think Bloody Roar may be the only other game, but that has always been pretty arcady when compared to most fighters. The counter system gives it a real edge (at least I think so) because of how out of the blue it can be. A person can hammer on you all day long but that properly timed counter can throw them off and sometimes even cause the other person to lose a bit of their confidence.

When it comes to the stages, they can keep to the old style of stages since they do have a few that would be more tournament oriented. If anything some of them may need to be adjusted so that you don't take the explosive damage from being knocked into the walls (such as the tournament ring).

But at the end of the day, it's better to have someone who goes into a game they aren't really in the know how about with an open mind and give a proper evaluation of instead of being that brown noser that generally bash this game.

User Info: AndrewHD

5 years ago#6
good read, glad you gave the game an honest shot.
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User Info: Rman0099

5 years ago#7
A good read. Glad you enjoy the game and that you were able to take an objective and open minded approach.

The only minuses in the game for me that I will tell you to look out for are:

-Cheap and block/counter heavy AI at higher levels.
-Story mode bonus missions are frustrating or just a joke at the higher difficulty missions (depending on your view point). You can get punished to almost no health in attempts to pull it off or by just killing time till the AI actually throws the mid kicks at you that you are waiting for. Then after succeeding you may end up dieing only to have to do it all over again. It would be nice to have "credit" for completing it even though you died.
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User Info: TheDarkone21

5 years ago#8
Can you not turn off danger zones(i.e. explosive ropes) in this version? That seems weird considering that option was in 4.
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User Info: getofred

5 years ago#9
yeah I already did story mode and completed about 80 percent of missions.

right now I play vs with com level at 5 and it seems pretty fair to me. yeah upper level AI is just plain unfair.

I just play com and occasional lobby or simple match. For the most part tho i stick with cpu battle until I got my character reactions pretty solid. This way you get to study character matchups repededly without getting humbled by a human haha.

Then its time to go live. net code still a little iffy but its behaving lately so no complaints

User Info: getofred

5 years ago#10
yeah you can turn off danger zones. But its more fun with them on man! I dont know why a game is considered more ''''''competitive'' when you shut features off. Roll with it!'
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