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User Info: deathgeonous1

7 years ago#1
I Just have a few questions about the equipment in this game. 1, about how many different versions of each weapon are there. Such as, there's the basic sword, the first sword sold in the shop, the next sword, ect, ect. I am not asking how many different weapons there are, but about how many versions of each there are. 2, about how many suits of armor there are in this game? 3, how do you unlock new weapons and armor in the shop? 4, Which is the better ultimate sword, Excalibur or The Sword of Dunrall? And finally 5, which unit does the ultimate sword work best on? Thanks for any answers, bye for now.

User Info: Stuflames

7 years ago#2
1) I dunno, it really depends on the weapon too, some late-game specialized weapons have only 3-4 versions, swords has quite a lot. There's late-game legendary weapons to collect too that only drop and can't be bought.

2) A lot. It's hard to find them all, many only drop and some even not that good ones are rare drops. Armor is different for the Male and Female too. I could check all the different sets I've been collecting if you really need to know, but I don't feel like it right now.

3. Advance the game, advance the levels of your different Books. Check the shop after each round.

4. Depends. You get more than enough legendary 1-handed swords to cover all sword books. There is 1 legendary 2-handed sword I know of, Leviathan, and it's definitely not as good as Durandal. 1 legendary 1-handed sword you can get from a quest is about as good as Excalibur, sacrificing some range for 1 better slash/pierce damage.

So: You either choose to upgrade your 2-handed sword ability vs your basic sword ability or sword-and-shield. 2-handed sword users aren't as common as sword-and-shield units late-game, they're really not common at all in general late-game unless you cruise the tavern recruits for them.

If I had to give a real opinion: Excalibur is IMO the technically better choice. Stylistically I'd go for Durandal, though.

5. As answered above Durandal only functions with the 2-handed sword group.
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