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User Info: gumby2424

9 years ago#31
It depneds on the version id say a 50 /50 chance of working

User Info: wolf_raven

9 years ago#32
Gumby, you are really out going, thanks a bunch! Thanks to you I can start P3 FES-journey with characters I had around in P3.

User Info: GrecoMaximus

9 years ago#33
any way to convert these for ar max please?
Pokemans FC: 2706 8081 7094

User Info: lothrandier

9 years ago#34
During Battle skills use no HP/SP
202d817c 1000005A

After Battle full HP/SP restore
2029d8b8 70000C88

Always Shuffle Time
2029c3d8 00000000

Always 6 cards during Shuffle Time
201f3f7c 24130006

Cards don't shuffle
201F24AC 2402000A

Shuffle Time Persona has no Level Limit
201F3C5C 00000000

Protagonist Exp multi
201f1384 AE052A50
201f1378 00022xxx

Persona Exp multi
201F15F8 00022xxx

Party Exp multi
201F186C 00022xxx

need to verify this one >fuuka? Exp multi
201F18F8 00022xxx

nuktiplier digits::
840 2 times
880 4 times
8C0 8 times
900 16 times
940 32 times
980 64 times
9C0 128 times
A00 256 times
A40 512 times
A80 1024 times
AC0 2048 times
B00 4096 times
B40 8192 times
B80 16384 times
BC0 32768 times

Hope these are of use to some.

User Info: dumbn00b

9 years ago#35
I needed shuffle codes.

User Info: lothrandier

9 years ago#36
very welcome, glad i'm not the only one who likes the shuffle codes ^^.

User Info: ken878

9 years ago#37
is this for codebreaker cuz it dousent work for my codebreaker.

User Info: lothrandier

9 years ago#38
These are RAW codes, which work with codebreaker and any other device supporting these codes.
recent codebreakers need a 9xxxxxxxx master code, but i do not know if there are additional requirements now. Am not using the recent codebreaker.
Make sure you properly entered your Master Code, and the codes themselves.

I tested the codes and they were working as intended.

User Info: lothrandier

9 years ago#39
addendum, i did not yet verify these two codes:
*Shuffle Time Persona has no Level Limit (I'm sorry for not marking this code appropriately.)
201F3C5C 00000000

Persona growth skill exp multi (need to verify this one, too)
201FC1B0 00021xxx

040 2 times
080 4 times
0C0 8 times
100 16 times
140 32 times
180 64 times
1C0 128 times

Help on testing the above two codes is appreciated.

the following codes have been verified working:

Immediately Analyze Enemy
202010d8 14000016

No Level Limit when creating a Persona
203d6bdc 00000000

User Info: narutoramen

9 years ago#40
thanx for the codes.

am I supposed to use something in conjunction w/ this code?

Cards don't shuffle
201F24AC 2402000A

while it doesn't shuffle. the screen stays there & I cannot choose any card and get out of that screen?

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