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User Info: bofrich

9 years ago#1
Last night I was trying to beat the boss on floor 14, the Rampage Drive. Problems that I had were that Junpei and Yukari just waited EVERY round. Except for the few rounds that they managed to heal themselves they did nothing. I used Cadenza probably about 50 times in that fight and use maybe 6 snuff souls to keep my sp up. Everyone was about level 5. I almost had him. He managed to kill me with Mazio after I missed with the Bufu that would have won the battle. Anyway, are my levels too low? Should I raise a couple of levels before challenging him again? Any help is appreciated.

User Info: EnigmaGamer

9 years ago#2
That level sounds about right if you're on Normal since I think I was at or near that level. If you're on hard you may want to level a few more times.
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User Info: bofrich

9 years ago#3
Any suggestions on how to get Junpei and Yukari to be a little more helpful in battle? Or is it more of a luck thing, as to whether or not they do anything smart? Thanks for the quick reply though.

User Info: digirob101

9 years ago#4
well i believe he is immune to phys attacks (im not sure) this could be the reason everyone skips cause they know it already.
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User Info: Zeruel

9 years ago#5
You should have Orpheus and Apsaras for Cadenza. As you might know, it not only heals half of your party's HP, but also increases your agility (who knows, you could even evade one of his normal attacks and go for an all-out attack). The other recommendation I can give is to have either Omoikane (level 7) or Lilim (level 8) with Zio. Though not a weakness, Rampage Drive takes more damage than usual from Elec attacks. Physical attacks are a no-no here... he nulls Slash and Pierce, and repels Strike.
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User Info: JIM12306

9 years ago#6
I was Level 6 with Yukari level 5 and Junpei was Sick so he was out.

And i id get a game over a few times before i finally won.

And what i would recommend is to get the Main character at least ONE more level up so he can Fuse Alp.

And once you got your self an Alp try this fight again. And straight away put Yukari on Heal/Support and then use Sukunda (Alp has this from the start) and when it is your turn again use Cadenza even if you don't need it as this is just for the evasion boost.

After that re-cast them as needed and use Garu (Alp also has this straight away) whenever you get a chance.

It will be a long fight but that is how i eventually won.
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User Info: JIM12306

9 years ago#7
Err... add a D to that "id" in the second line of my post...
Not changing this until people start realizing that reality TV syndrome is a poison!

User Info: bofrich

9 years ago#8
I guess I'll get me an Alp then. Thanks for the help guys.

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