Where is the Kitora Tomb located?

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  3. Where is the Kitora Tomb located?

User Info: onlinenow25

9 years ago#1
Its not in Kouli's guide
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User Info: American_Eagle0

9 years ago#2
Does one of the answers start with an N?

User Info: CRCGamer

9 years ago#3
Mainly because that is a re-hash of the old P3 Vanilla guide.

Questions in P3:FES have been swapped around and have new ones sprinkled in like mad. Answer to that one is Nara.

Making a listing of all questions as I play through the game. Might get around to posting it.

User Info: LaughingManZero

9 years ago#4
Wikipedia for the win.

Nara Prefecture.

User Info: Gamemaster64

9 years ago#5
You don't even need wiki. It was said in the game where it was.
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User Info: Takytech

9 years ago#6
*Hates japanese history* WAY too confusing, since most of us weaboo's can't be real weaboos without knowing this, RAWR

User Info: Threesixtyci

9 years ago#7
yeah... I was going to say it's the one that starts with a N....
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  2. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES
  3. Where is the Kitora Tomb located?

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