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User Info: jinn722

9 years ago#1
Just wondering . from what i take from the perfect guide is u can max them all out (i am not and do not want to follow that guide) but is there another maybe guide just for dating? like u got 60 days to see em. and it goes down 15 days if you see another girl right? so if u just take turns one at a time will that work out?

User Info: Dralm

9 years ago#2
Why wont you use the up to august 9th and so far ive only ran into one flaw in the guide involving talking to someone on a day and yet they just want to spend time that day. I tossed my CB in and used a time of day stop code to solve that and even everything back out so i could continue to use the guide but honestly its quite helpful.
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User Info: jinn722

9 years ago#3
its way too strict duzent sound fun to me. its like playing someone else way. the only thing i want to be able to do is max out the dating s.links they are the best storys so far.

User Info: Merid024

9 years ago#4
Then use that guide partially. Instead of doing non-dating S.Link, substitute with days where you can visit one of the girls.

That's not really a good idea though because while the S.Links are fun, only a couple of the Max S.Link personas worth getting come from it (depending on your tastes)

User Info: VoodooTiger

9 years ago#5
The guide is great, even if you aren't going to follow it. It tells you point to rank up, best answers and such. All it doesn't tell you is what other days it's possible to see people on.
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User Info: jinn722

9 years ago#6
but still my question lingers. what if i just take turns on each girl? thatll make it so that they 60 or what ever days duzent run out?

User Info: yuiko

9 years ago#7
I think you can get all girls up to rank 5 without them gtting jealous of each other. So just take them in turns but if the girl you're currently dating is not avaible work to get one of the others up to 5?

Seeing as maxing ALL links in one go is possible maxing 5 shouldn't be that hard...

User Info: ChibiAkaii

9 years ago#8
"but still my question lingers. what if i just take turns on each girl? thatll make it so that they 60 or what ever days duzent run out?"

This will begin to fail once you hit rank 5 for each of the girls. Going out with another girl while you have an S Link of 5 or higher with a girl will result in a reversed S. Link. If you attempt to stick to one at a time, your S Links will start to break.

The only way this can be accomplished is to raise each S Link to 5 very early, and then rush through each girl in sequence, in a highly efficient manner (have a matching Persona equipped each time, have correct gifts each, pick correct answers each time, date the right person at the right time, etc.). This is what is laid out in the guide for you.

You are not meant to max out every date social link in one playthrough, which is why the guide is so strict. The designers made this an intentionally difficult feat to accomplish. Either follow the guide (just for the girls) or do it in two/three playthroughs.

User Info: Silliana

9 years ago#9
Here's how it works. Normally, a S. Link will reverse in 60 days of inactivity. When a girl enters a relationship with you (the game says she'd get upset if she saw you with another girl), that deadline will shrink by 15 days each time you go out with a girl that isn't the one you are dating. So, for example:

5/1 - Dating relationship with Mitsuru. in 60 days, relationship will reverse on 6/30
5/2 - Go out with Yukari. Relationship with Mitsuru will reverse on 6/15
5/3 - Go out with Yuko. Relationship with Mitsuru will reverse on 5/30
5/4 - Go out with Chihiro. Relationship with Mitsuru will reverse on 5/15
5/5 - Go out with Yukari again. Relationship with Mitsuru has reversed.

This means that you can theoretically date at most 3 girls at once without any of them going into reverse. However, the way the game is paced, you have to see the girls, and if you are unable to, the link will reverse. This means that you're pretty much boned during the exam season, because you have 1 week of exam prep time when the girls are all unavailable, and another week of exams immediately after.

Theoretically, you can avoid this issue and still date three girls at the same time by juggling them each day at the oracle draw shrine while they are unavailable. However, that's pretty much going to stunt your potential to do any other social links, because the relationship fortune can keep stuff alive, but cannot advance the social link any levels.

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