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User Info: animaxtif

9 years ago#1
Hey folks, I'm just posting codes in raw format so nobody's gonna ask for codes ever again... I got it from a different language so when I saw the PERSONA 3: FES and the codes; I quickly copied it.

Enable Code (Must Be On)
90506658 0C14193E
*Misc Codes
Use item Get 99
#You have to leave the menu and then go back and u will see that its max
201708A4 20110063
10Exp = Max exp
405DC054 00620001
0000000A 00000000
Inf Max Money
2083A6DC 0098967F
Persona 1 Mod
10836BAE 0000????
Persona 1 Level Max
00836BB0 00000063
Persona 1 Exp Max
20836BB4 0098967F
*Item Codes
All Items (Includes Dummy items Some Can be used)
410C2D90 00700001
00630063 00000000
Always in Great Status (Individual)
2083405c 00300002
10834060 00000030
208343c0 00300002
108343c4 00000030
20834724 00300002
10834728 00000030
20834a88 00300002
10834a8c 00000030
2083626c 00300002
10836270 00000030
20835b7c 00300002
10835b80 00000030
20835818 00300002
1083581c 00000030
208354b4 00300002
108354b8 00000030
20835150 00300002
10835154 00000030
20834dec 00300002
10834df0 00000030
Max Exp codes
20836268 0098967F
20835b78 0098967F
20835814 0098967F
20834de8 0098967F
2083514c 0098967F
208354b0 0098967F
20834a84 0098967F
20834058 0098967F
208343bc 0098967F
20834720 0098967F
EXP Multiplier (Main Character)
2016d584 3c030083
2016d588 8c626268
2016d58c 0005????
2016d590 00452021
2016d594 ac646268
Exp Multiplier (Other Characters/Personas)
200c0000 0010????
200c0004 00701821
200c0008 0805d93b
200c000c ae230008
201764e8 08030000
201764ec 00000000
&EXP Multiplier Digits (Main Character)
2840 = 2x
2880 = 4x
28c0 = 8x
2900 = 16x
2940 = 32x
2980 = 64x
29C0 = 128x
2A00 = 256x
2A40 = 512x
2A80 = 1024x
2Ac0 = 2048x
2B00 = 4096x
&EXP Multiplier Digits (Other Characters/Personas)
8040 = 2x
8080 = 4x
80c0 = 8x
8100 = 16x
8140 = 32x
8180 = 64x
81C0 = 128x
8200 = 256x
8240 = 512x
8280 = 1024x
82c0 = 2048x
8300 = 4096x
During Battle skills use no HP/SP
202d817c 1000005A
After Battle full HP/SP restore
2029d8b8 70000C88
Always Shuffle Time
2029c3d8 00000000
Always 6 cards during Shuffle Time
201f3f7c 24130006
Cards don't shuffle
201F24AC 2402000A
Shuffle Time Persona has no Level Limit
201F3C5C 00000000
Protagonist Exp multi
201f1384 AE052A50
201f1378 00022xxx
Persona Exp multi
201F15F8 00022xxx
Party Exp multi
201F186C 00022xxx
To be continued........

User Info: animaxtif

9 years ago#2
need to verify this one >fuuka? Exp multi
201F18F8 00022xxx
multiplier digits::
840 2 times
880 4 times
8C0 8 times
900 16 times
940 32 times
980 64 times
9C0 128 times
A00 256 times
A40 512 times
A80 1024 times
AC0 2048 times
B00 4096 times
B40 8192 times
B80 16384 times
BC0 32768 times
*Shuffle Time Persona has no Level Limit (I'm sorry for not marking this code appropriately.)
201F3C5C 00000000
Persona growth skill exp multi (need to verify this one, too)
201FC1B0 00021xxx
040 2 times
080 4 times
0C0 8 times
100 16 times
140 32 times
180 64 times
1C0 128 times
Immediately Analyze Enemy
202010d8 14000016
No Level Limit when creating a Persona
203d6bdc 00000000
Cards don't shuffle
201F24AC 2402000A
Persona growth skill exp multi
201FC1B0 00021xxx
040 2 times
080 4 times
0C0 8 times
100 16 times
140 32 times
180 64 times
1C0 128 times
Sword of King
110C2DFE 00000063
Cup of King
110C2E06 00000063
Wand of King
110C2E0E 00000063
Coin of King
110C2E16 00000063

I don't know if some codes do work... I haven't tested them yet, only Inf Money and always in Great Status(sorry T_T)

User Info: myzt_temjin

9 years ago#3
No time freeze code?

User Info: Dirjel

9 years ago#4

...I have no idea what to do with those. Would a gameshark (or whatever it is one would need) even work on a PS3 to play PS2 games?
Why am I not playing right now?

User Info: animaxtif

9 years ago#5
Unfortunately, there is no Time Freeze Code. And I haven't tested them all yet, so I'm not sure if they ALL work.

User Info: RV0LVr

9 years ago#6
Here's the time freeze code and some other codes (sorry if they're already posted i'm just copy/pasting)

Time Of Day Stoper
#Select+R2 Stop Time of Day , Select+L2 Start Time of Day
D07E0842 0000FDFE
2016f154 00000000
D07E0842 0000FEFE
2016f154 a064679e

Compendium Persona costs no Money
2040bb58 0000202D

Academics Stats Max
10836260 000003E7

Charm Stats Max
10836262 000003E7

Courage Stats Max
10836264 000003E7

Aohige Pharmacy Sells Everything
400A0000 00DE0002
00000FA1 00000001
400A06F8 00610002
000007D1 00000001
400A0A08 00800002
000003E9 00000001
400A0E08 00FF0002
00000001 00000001
400A0004 02c00002
00FF0000 00000000
206AA7F4 000002c0
206AA7F8 000a0000
206ABC64 000002c0
206ABC68 000a0000

User Info: Kay9000

9 years ago#7
I need easy skill morphing code here if any...
P.S. - Rebellion is morphable

User Info: fuego_y_agua

9 years ago#8
no infinite health?
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User Info: hillzilla68

9 years ago#9
These are all codebreaker codes and can be found at codebreaker.com on the message boards for persona 3: FES the guy has done an incredible job of getting these codes done have tested out some of them the persona exp multiplier will crash your game if you use it while fusing personas (if you just want them at level 99 then kill enemies and let them level that way) so if ur fusing persona take off exp multipliers for MC and OTHER charachters as well also DO NOT use the all weapons codes it will crash your game but the all items works just fine no problems i have all the codes if enough interest is shown i will post

User Info: coolblue16

9 years ago#10
will these work with gameshark?
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