Academics Breakdown

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User Info: Crono724

9 years ago#1
Does ANybody know which activities give you the most academics increases? I know studying at night is +2 and supposedly sunday studies give you +4 and th prodigy plattter gives you + 3. What about the Library and praying at the shrine?
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User Info: Kailieann

9 years ago#2
Quiz Game at the Arcade is +4.
That and normal studying (as in not studying all day on sunday) should max your Academics before second term starts. Nothing else is required.

User Info: Roninzeta

9 years ago#3
Do the Quiz Game every Wednesday and Saturday (unless you're grinding Courage), study every night before bed (as long as you aren't tired), and stay awake in class. This should max you out before the Second Term, but definitely before the third exam.

Going to the movies with a couple people during the August film festival will also give you some points (I think Fuuka and Bebe, but I don't remember). Also, one of Elizibeth's Requests has you talking to teachers in the lounge at school for several days, so there's a few free points as well.

User Info: Reign_Of_Chaos

9 years ago#4
Study every night, abuse the bathroom/soft reset to get your tired/ill MC back in great shape, and get on those quiz games as soon as you see fit. Follow this, and you should have Max Academics 3+ months before the Max guide requires you to.

Keep in mind that you can still top exams without meeting the requirements in the guide. Of course, it's random, and if you do meet the requirements, it's a guarantee. But I was 1 point below the required level stated in the guide for the final, and I still managed to top the class. Perhaps soft/resetting would work (someone can confirm, or correct me if I'm wrong, just personal observation), but you should have Max academics well before your 3rd exam, so I don't think it matters much. You just need to top one to open up the so take your time.
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User Info: Reign_Of_Chaos

9 years ago#5
Oh, and never pray at the shrine. Never. It's too time consuming, and if you are going to waste time with it, might as well do it for something useful like Dark Hour EXP boosts or something.

User Info: Imnus

9 years ago#6
Increasing Academic:
- Don't Sleep In Class, 2 Points
- Summer Lesson, 3 Points A Day
- Study In Library, 2 Points
- Offertory Box, 100 Yen (Depends on current Condition)
- Sick, 2 Point
- Tired, 2 Point
- Good, 2 Points
- Great, 5 Points
- Study In Your Room, 2 Points (Except You Are Tired Or Cold)
- During Holiday 4 Points
- If You Are Tired Or Cold During Holiday 2 Points
- Prodigy Platter, 3 Points, 680 Yen
- Film Festival During Summer Vacation, 4 Points
- Game Panic:
- Quiz Game, 4 Points, 3000 Yen

Increasing Charm:
- Pheromone Coffee, 2 Points, 500 Yen
- Right Answer In Class (Yourself Or Junpei), 2 Points
- Tuna, 3 Points, 900 Yen
- French Film, Love Film, 4 Points, 1500 Yen
- Odd-Numbered Months Only
- Film Festival During Summer Vacation, 4 Points
- Exam Results:
- Top School Grade, 4 Points
- The rest gives 3, 2 and 1 Points accordingly
- Game Panic:
- Print Club, 4 Points, 1500 Yen

Increasing Courage:
- Karaoke, 2 Points, 200 Yen
- Mystery Burger, 3 Points, 500 Yen
- Film Festival During Summer Vacation, 4 Points
- Drinking Strange Medicine In School Infirmary, 2 Points
- Only If You Are Tired Or Cold
- Horror Film, Heroism Film, 4 Points, 1500 Yen
- Game Panic:
- Horror House, 4 Points, 3000 Yen

User Info: Crono724

9 years ago#7
Wow thanks for all the info guys! Especially Imnus, that's awesome!
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User Info: MasterVG782

9 years ago#8
I wonder how many points you get for each visit to the Faculty Office when you're doing that one request for Elizabeth...
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User Info: Kailieann

9 years ago#9
None, since it'd be nigh impossible not to have maxed your academics by that point unless you deliberately avoided it.

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