Where is the command room

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User Info: wahabwasim

9 years ago#1
All i can find is the meeting room. Does anyone know where the command room is ??

User Info: replicax77

9 years ago#2
The command room is the meeting room.
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User Info: Rinku456

9 years ago#3
Meeting room=Command room.
Malfunctioning equipment=There's a video for you to watch up there.

It's simple math, really.
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User Info: Kailieann

9 years ago#4
Except the game script is broken and sometimes Mitsuru will tell you there's a malfunction when there's no new video, and won't tell you when there is.

User Info: TruthOrFiction

9 years ago#5
4th floor, through the door.
Do you mind?

User Info: silver_pendant

9 years ago#6
i checked it in the mid of every month tho, usually there's a new one around that time...

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