lilith with mabufudyne :(

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User Info: davisxmonster

9 years ago#1
Yeah, so im doing the request to get lilith with mabufudyne, and i have a succubus with mabufudyne, but when i do the fusion, mabufudyne never comes up!


ive literally been shuffling for 1/2 hour

User Info: Kailieann

9 years ago#2
Half an hour?
That's nothing.

At any rate, you probably just have too much noise. Lilith is Bad Status, so she only has a slim chance of inheriting elemental skills to begin with, so make sure none of the ingredients have any Bad Status skills to clutter up the inheritance.

Making sure all the ingredients have 8 skills wouldn't hurt, either.

User Info: davisxmonster

9 years ago#3
.... how am i supposed to do that?

As soon as i fuse them, they level up, and get MORE bad status!

User Info: Kailieann

9 years ago#4
Lilim starts with Marin Karin, which is morphable. Just save before fusing and hope for a lucky morph.

Vetala starts with Tentarafoo and learns Evil Smile, neither of which are morphable, so you'll have to come up with a way of fusing him with 4 skills, and hope he doesn't inherit any Bad Status in the process.

Incubus only starts with Evil Smile, and as long as your Devil Link is maxed, fusing him will let you learn enough skills to replace it.

And both Succubus and Lilith start with Sexy Dance, so there's no need to even worry about that.

So yeah. Vetala is the only one who's remotely problematic.

User Info: killerdoggie

9 years ago#5
Also, since you already have Succubus with Mabufudyne, you can register it and use it in rank down fusions to get Mabufudyne on the other ingredient personae to increase its chances of showing up in the Lilith fusion.
Midnight's just around the corner.

User Info: Kailieann

9 years ago#6
Having the desired skill on multiple ingredients doesn't directly improve the chances of inheritance. It just means less overall noise.

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