Game freeze 9/5

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User Info: infoboth

9 years ago#1

On the full moon of 9/5, right after they finished talking at the HQ and leaving for the mall, the game freezes for me. I have not used any cheats or glitches, played it through like it suppose to, but on a PS3.

Did anyone had a freeze up at that date or some-other date and how did you fix it?


User Info: Kouja

9 years ago#2
Reset the console and try again.
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User Info: ShiningForceX

9 years ago#3
The exact same thing happened to me on 9/5. Just as you are leaving the Operations Room the game freezes. This only happened to me on the PS3. I don't know why only this scene is problematic for the PS3.

If you are very patient the game will continue eventually (5 to 10 minutes of freeze). You will be screwed at least a half dozen times more, though. The mall cutscene should also have at least 2 or 3 lengthy freezes and the first handful of skill animations you use during the actual boss fight will each freeze for upwards of 10 minutes.

Expect about an hour of tediousness and then everything will go back to normal until at least November, so far. I don't know if it helped or not but during these freezes I occasionally pressed that PS3 button in the middle of the controller and went into the assign slots memory feature in an attempt to "jar" the system out of freeze mode.

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User Info: ShiningForceX

9 years ago#4
Oh....I forgot to mention one thing. No matter how many times you quit the game or reset the system that Operations Room scene will always freeze if it froze for you the first time. Just grit your teeth through the multiple freezes until things sort themselves out.
If you have to use force...use Shining Force!

User Info: entrancemperium

9 years ago#5
Like the above posters have said, it should work itself out after a few minutes. You might even get to see Mitsuru walk out sideways when it unfreezes (it's quite amusing).
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User Info: Hashishiyy

9 years ago#6
Does it matter which model ps3 you're using?

User Info: infoboth

9 years ago#7
I waited this time around, maybe ~2 minutes. Then I pressed PS button and turned off the controller, at this point it unfroze. I dont know if it was just a coincidence or a way to fix it. But if anyone else having same problem, try it. I also did not have any freezes afterwards.

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