Guitar Tabs I made for Persona 3

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User Info: Treeji

8 years ago#1
The Battle For Everyone's Souls:

Burn My Dread:

I just started playing by ear and I thought you guys might like these.
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User Info: zodac_spear

8 years ago#2
i can't read music
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User Info: antipunt1

8 years ago#3
nice, I'll favorite it and check out what it sounds like later today

User Info: Ashgail

8 years ago#4
I tried your tabs and they were awesome, especially Battle for Everyone's Souls. Would appreciate it if you made a Heartful Cry tab
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User Info: IneffabIe

8 years ago#5
Do some bass tabs now. :P

User Info: Animegeneric

8 years ago#6
Not bad at all. Pretty accurate to say that you did them by ear. Got tabs from any other games?

User Info: funkeepick

8 years ago#7
Wow, these are pretty good. Oh, and I second the Heartful Cry request.
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  3. Guitar Tabs I made for Persona 3

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