Strength and fortune full moon battle help!

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User Info: GuiloBoi

8 years ago#1
Hi everyone!! as it says in the title im REALLY stuck at this fight and i have been for months :(...can anyone tell me good charecters and levels to use in this fight? and good tacticts besides using the roulette wheel?

User Info: mtwrig

8 years ago#2
For this fight I had MC(lv50), junpei(lv47), Yukari(lv48), and Aigis(lv47)
Pyro jack(lv34)
Resist Fire
And Media
Sexy dance(I think strength can be charmed)
Resist Wind
And rakunda
Odin(lv 45)
Resist lightning
And cleave
For strength I spamed garula and zionga set aigis to heal and support since she has buff and debuff skills. Had yukari cast garula as well, while junpei was set to knockdown the strength and If you have bad luck with the wheel then you should experement with it.
For fortune after you kill strength just use physical attacks or debuff him because fortune will start casting garudyne and will still use the WHEEL OF FORTUNE

User Info: Kouja

8 years ago#3
Any character would do. You only need to make 'em both frightened with either a Persona or via roulette. It's easy.

User Info: Lord_Woobie

8 years ago#4
Why would you still have Pyro Jack at that stage of the game? Is it some emotional attachment, or do you just like the challenge? Narcissus is also a bit questionable. And how in the world did you get Odin at level 45 and with that skill set? Fusion accident?

Personally, I just brought a persona of the death arcana (either Samael or Mot, I can't remember which) and manipulated the wheel so that it made both shadows fearful, then I used Ghastly Wail to take them out one at a time.

Before I figured out I could do that, I used Dionysus with Ziodyne to whittle away the Strength shadow's health little by little, and had Yukari help heal. To be completely honest, this could be the easiest fight in the game as long as you take advantage of the Fortune shadow's wheel. Alternatively, it can be very difficult if you're not used to the wheel's mechanics.
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  3. Strength and fortune full moon battle help!

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