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User Info: TraxDaGamer

7 years ago#1
Hey all,
I hope this doesn't count as advertising, but I wanted to let you know about a program I have made to help people with Persona 3 FES.

It is named 'Igor's Index', and helps the user quickly find details of every Persona. It also calculates Normal and Triple spread fusions, and lets you search out specific persona based on criteria like what type of skills they inherit, their starting level, etc.

Currently only Persona 3: FES - The Journey is 100% supported. If this generates a modest amount of interest I intend on adding P3, P3FES: The Answer, P3P, and P4 in the fairly near future.

The project page is at

I hope some of you will find it useful! Feedback is welcome.

User Info: Morpheme

7 years ago#2
I like this alot.

What might also be nice is a reverse-engineering thing that shows possible methods of obtaining personas. Alot of work, I know, but worth it. It's a fantastic tool as it stands, though
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User Info: TraxDaGamer

7 years ago#3
Thanks a lot!

I did consider such a feature, but I figured this would be sufficient for a first release. There are so many formulas for a single persona, it seemed like overkill. As it stands, you can use it to find what fusions are available out of your current holdings, and -usually- educated guesses will net you the desired persona. Note that I am not discounting the feature for the future! I plan to add a window for Cross and higher fusions that just lists the formulas.

Since I made this available, I have noticed a few minor bugs which I am working to resolve in my free time. The biggest issue being some persona that require a special formula are showing up as normal fusion results.

User Info: MogOfWar

7 years ago#4
this saves me so much time! thank you so much! One thing that would be great would be to list some of the fusions you could use to create the persona you select that appears in a different window. Would that be doable? Also i know it would be purely asthetics but a picture of each persona when you select it or go the fusion menu would be awesome.
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User Info: TraxDaGamer

7 years ago#5
You're very welcome MogOfWar! :)

I do think that having a way to show how to fuse any given Persona will be in the works soon. It is a lot of work though, so it will be some time before I have something like that up and running.

As far as the pictures I am not certain. There are several important factors that had me choose against using them so far.
1. They wouldn't fit in the background very well of the more crowded windows like the persona details.
2. I am not sure about legal ramifications in using the images, yet alone a large chunk of the game data I am already using.
3. I haven't found a good source for clean images of every Persona.

I'll definitely be carefully considering any suggestions. :)
I have had 9 downloads so far, and it has helped just knowing I didn't waste my time doing this.

User Info: SuperSocrates

7 years ago#6
To those of you who have used TraxDaGamer's program, how would you compare it to Cloud737's Oracle of Maiya? Are there any fundamental differences?
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User Info: MogOfWar

7 years ago#7
Could you link to that one? Never tried it.
The following people are on my KICKASS list: KillzPenguins, TheBestPerson, Ssj6s_Mistress, JagexRune, EKIEVOLI, bokbok_94112, darkmoon153

User Info: SuperSocrates

7 years ago#8
Project home page:

Oracle of Maiya v1.5 ALPHA (next release):

Project forum:

^^^ Path from project home page: Develop -> HostedApps -> phpBB

Project micro-blogging:

^^^ Path from project home page: Develop -> HostedApps -> Laconica
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User Info: TraxDaGamer

7 years ago#9
I am admittedly biased, but will try to be as fair as I can. Perhaps someone with more experience with Oracle of Maiya can correct my statements and/or add to them.

Oracle of Maiya and Igor's Index attempt to tackle the same problems, but have very different approaches.

Oracle of Maiya:
- Only runs in Windows natively. (As far as I know.)
- Uses a set of database files to manage games data, and requires manual loading at startup. I am unsure about how easy these are to modify.
- Focuses only on the fusion aspect. Select 1 persona from a full list, select another persona from a full list, get the name of the result.
- While the database files hold the statistics of each persona, my quick glance through Oracle did not turn up anywhere in the program that currently displays this information.
- Current support of P3, P3FES(The Journey, and maybe the Answer?), and P4.

I was aware of Oracle of Maiya only after the core work on Igor's Index was nearly done, months ago.

Igor's Index:
- Runs in any Operating System supported by Java. (Windows, Mac and Linux)
- Uses XML to manage game data, which is loaded at start-up. Easily modified by the user so long as they follow normal XML rules and the keywords Igor's Index uses. (In other words you guys can fix data-based mistakes I made or fill out extra game data if you really wanted to.)
- Uses a desktop style interface letting the user open as many or as few tools/data windows as they desire. (multiple fusion calculators, etc)
- Full Compendium - Every Persona in the game is listed, organized into sub menus by Arcana. Opening any Persona's detail window will display their Name, Arcana, starting level, starting stats, inherit type, weakness & strengths, and learned skills list.
-Normal & Triple Spread fusion tools - Lets you filter persona by arcana and (No scrolling through a list of over 160 names) view the result of the fusion, similar in nature to Oracle of Maiya, but visually streamlined. The result persona can be opened in a Compendium window straight from the fusion tool as well,
- Search Tool - Lets the user quickly locate one or more persona by important details. Search by Name, Arcana, Level, Skills learned, and Inherit type. Makes it easier to find persona that fit your current needs! Also features the launching of a compendium window for quick access.
- Current support of P3FES- The Journey. (P3, P3FES The Answer, P3P, P4 are in the works, P3 being 66% done in the last 2 days...)
- Program displays appear similar to the P3 in game menus for an additional aesthetic touch.

Personally (here comes the bias), I think Oracle of Maiya focuses on the facts of fusion, while Igor's Index focuses on presenting as much useful information as possible in a user friendly way.

As a bit of an update on my progress, I have a prototype for the 'list of possible fusions for any persona' feature. It is coming along great, but as an example, Leanan Sidhe had 11,023 fusion variations! I am working on a way to filter out the possible but unrealistic fusions.

I will post again once I have another progress or program update (or someone else asks something I can answer!)

User Info: SuperSocrates

7 years ago#10
Thank you for your comprehensive comparison; I look forward to seeing your finished product.
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