Fresh Water?

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User Info: fallenchicken

7 years ago#1

I am trying to do side quest #6. Anyone know how to get fresh water?

User Info: Pdaimaoh

7 years ago#2
Between Dourbridge and the port on that side of the ocean, if you go North there's a waterfall on that side (the west side) you can find a harvest point by the waterfall.

Alternatively some enemies drop it, but I don't remember which.
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User Info: livewyr90

7 years ago#3
After you get your first boat ride, go north to a waterfal. There's a ton of it lying on the ground.

User Info: OpeeFomenom

7 years ago#4
I'm wondering why it's so much later than when you get the quest...

User Info: Shdwwrym

7 years ago#5
The first opportunity is a gather point that's after an area called Slurry Quay. However, if you have a wifi connection you can sometimes find Fresh water in the online shop some days, and that can help complete the quest faster.

User Info: fallenchicken

7 years ago#6
Thanks guys. Yeah I was running all around the area around stornway and Zere thinking it had to be there.

User Info: Godeki

7 years ago#7
Some Challenge Quests are obtained at almost "invisible" points throughout the main story. Most of which can be completed right after they are obtained. Some have conditions that can't be obtained until much later in the game. Also it seems that quests are also not always available in numerical order. Some quests will come out of order but in order of the story it seems.
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