Lucida Shards??!! Where??

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User Info: KevinHarris170

7 years ago#1
I can't find any. Halp plox

User Info: NintendoNite

7 years ago#2
make them
Lucida shard
= Brighten rock x 3 + Evencloth x 3

User Info: KevinHarris170

7 years ago#3
oh, thanks

User Info: DragonQIXFan

7 years ago#4
You need to make them from evencloth and bright stone or something or get lucky with blue chests.

I've ran into a monster that drops them (and so you can steal them) but if you need lucida shards, but it was in a deep level of a level 68 treasure map (pink vulture thingie)

User Info: KevinHarris170

7 years ago#5
Where do you get brighton rocks again?

User Info: Arrawnt

7 years ago#6
There's a plateau SE of the bowhole that gives a quest to kill Shogum, it gives lucida shards as a reward and is repeatable, takes 5-10 minutes if you have a Shogum map already.

User Info: biokity67

7 years ago#7
Brighten rock- Goody bags Evencloth- Ragged reapers
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