Wi-Fi and DQVC troubles.

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User Info: mickmarvel

7 years ago#1
I'm having trouble with the DQVC at my house. I can visit the DSi Shop and browse online, but when it comes to connecting with the DQVC, the game tells me there is not connection to be found.
Could this be because I'm using WPa instead of WEP?

User Info: Pdaimaoh

7 years ago#2
That's exactly why.
WPA ain't going to work with the game. Game is built for all DS, not just newest DS, and old DS only has WEP capability.

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User Info: Saito_Ikari

7 years ago#3
so ds lite in other words?
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User Info: vcrasher

7 years ago#4
No its because of your internet connection not being compatible with Dragon Quest 9. you need to change your internet connection to the other security type or get rid of it all together. nothing to do with the system.. its all about the game.
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User Info: PhoenixObsidian

7 years ago#5
You could also use a WiFi adapter - that way your computer deals with the encryption instead of the DS. However, Nintendo has discontinued their official ones and non-nintendo ones can be a pain to install/set up (I've been there). You might also try a place with free wi-fi but many of those places have sign-in homepages that stop the DS from connecting too.

User Info: Cervosi

7 years ago#6
Easier answer:

the DS phat was concieved before WPA Encryption was. Thus, it's games have no compatibility with it. It only supports up to WEP encryption, which is a 'less effective' encryption.

The DSi Supports WPA, but only for online browsing functions. The games do not.

The 3DS games will more than likely be able to support WPA security.

If you can change the security on that internet from WPA to WEP (Home owned), then go right ahead if you want it for your DS gaming.
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User Info: Link4everOot

7 years ago#7
I've also ha this problem, try connecting to your internet through normal circumstances. DO NOT use the advanced options on the DSi connection.

User Info: loadnpants69

7 years ago#8
Do you have AT&T Uverse by chance? I do, and I had to switch it over the protection from WPA to WEP or whatever it is. I got it working though without any issues. There is a youtube video guide showing you .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fufvyikncow ...

If you dont have att uverse, then ur wireless router should have a way to change the security settings like they did in the video.

Hope this helps!

User Info: thwgatrostys

7 years ago#9
"The DSi Supports WPA, but only for online browsing functions. The games do not."

Incorrect. All DSi games support WPA, because unlike the DS, the game goes through the DSi operating system for its networking instead of actually doing the networking itself. If you were to have a DSi-exclusive cartridge game, it could use WPA fine. DSiWare games can use WPA fine.

It just makes no business sense to make a game as big as this to be DSi-exclusive, and the cost-to-gain of making either two versions, or engineering a hybrid card (which the reverse-engineering of the system has determined to be possible, but impractical most of the time) would be too low to bother with. Only games that used the camera would be made so, I would expect.

So, all good mainstream DS-era games are DS-only. Pity, but there it is.

User Info: Cervosi

7 years ago#10
The only reason to make a physical game a DSi Exclusive is if it's a game which has gameplay completely reliant on the Camera function.

Such as Foto Showdown :I
Would you say what you mean, or mean what you say?
Megaman Starforce 3 FC: 4340-7023-4737

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