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User Info: croutherss

6 years ago#1
Okay, so I was going to start making some meteorite bracelets..

I have an AMPLE amount of gold bars from farming drakularges, however, lucida shards I am lacking in.

My question is....

What is the respawn rate for the evencloth/ brightrocks in the Djust Dessert?
-- As in, could I sleep in an inn for X days in order for them to return ?


Or even better, is there some monster that will drop these lucida shards at a reasonable rate?

User Info: DrAlligator

6 years ago#2
Apparently, items respawn based on in-game hours clocked. I've tried both sleeping a couple days in the inn and setting my DS's clock a day forward, to no effect. You could leave the DS on, plugged into its charger and come back in a few hours for the materials, but it's not ideal.

User Info: VulpesMundi

6 years ago#3
I'm honestly starting to believe that the spawn rates are based upon game play time rather than in-game days passing or real time passing. Seems that whenever I need something to spawn, the only way I can ever get it to spawn is simply by playing the game for awhile. Spawns also seem to vary based on the in-game time of day (a spot may have more items if you go at night instead of during the day, for example). Can anyone verify all this or am I just getting unlucky with spawns?
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User Info: JerisGS

6 years ago#4
Ground spawns are based on if you are looking for the item or not. If you don't need it, there will be plenty of them. If you really need 3 more to finish something, there will only be 1 or none.

User Info: Bladenyte

6 years ago#5
nobody knows for 100% certinity what the respawn trigger is.

but most people tend to agree that its actual playtime. not resting in an inn for 5 game days, or leaving it in sleep mode or having it turned off. but actually playing. and of course not being anywhere near the locations in question.

however, it might be easier for you to just go out and steal the items.

even cloth can be gotten from the cloth scarecrows south of zere. brighten rocks can be gotten from the goodie bags on the plains. theres also a good ground spawn of brighten rocks to the west of wormwood. just north of where you made the light bridge
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User Info: croutherss

6 years ago#6
Oh lawd,

What kind of a programmer would do such a horrendous thing!

That is absolutely terrible! However, I am inclined to agree that it could be based on in- game play time for "some respawns."

The reason I was led to believe that the "sleep in inn for X days" may work, is because the coagulant FREQUENTLY respawns outside of Stornway.

But it's led to no avail in the items I am searching for.

User Info: Bladenyte

6 years ago#7
that spawn of coagulant is wierd though.. i stoped harvesting it a long time ago, so i always saw that little sparkle in the corner of the screen when i zoomed to stornway.

all of a sudden that sparkle was no longer there one day, and the other 2 spawns of the item wernt there either. its been that way for the last week and a half now. thankfuly i dont need the crap anymore, but its wierd that it did that
I cannot be caged. I cannot be controlled. Understand this as you die, ever pathetic, ever fools-Jon Irenicus BG2

User Info: ignasia7

6 years ago#8
Well, it is pretty much gameplay time. However, I have noticed that when turning off the system and turning back on, the spawns, many of which I know were filled, are all over the place in numbers. - Where the good games are remembered.
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