Dragon robe..?

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User Info: NUKE167

7 years ago#1
Is there another way to get it than by collecting another fifty mini medals... I'm already in the final act of the game and I really want a xenlon robe. Is there an action replay code that specifically gives me a dragon robe, or a real easy way to get another 50 mini medals?

I'm not cheating the mini medals, from what I've heard that's a terrible idea.

User Info: DarkCharly27

7 years ago#2
"Cheaters never win,Winners never cheat!"
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User Info: ignasia7

7 years ago#3
Wifi, that's truly it.
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User Info: NUKE167

7 years ago#4
bah... what are the odds of a dragon robe appearing in DQVC?

*prays that next week will be dragon themed*

User Info: ignasia7

7 years ago#5
As for mini-medals you can get loads...far more than you know what to do with, quite easily from fighting legacy bosses. However the following can make short work of that...just note that it really isn't needed...at all. Heck I had over 93 mini-medals by the time I finished. Only 7 from the mini-medal spawn spot. Most of them I found either from stealing them (Canniboxes and Mimics), or from respawn containers in each town and dungeon.

Other than that, the only codes I know for mini-medals that would work would be ones that increase all of your items in your normal item bag to whatever amount you want them to be, up to 99. Problem is, it depends on where Mini-medals fall in your bag, how many items are in your bag, and from there, you have to realize that once you know up to what code to use, all items before the mini-medals would be increased by whatever amount you choose. At least up to 4.

020F5F18 63636363
020F5F1C 63636363
020F5F20 63636363
020F5F24 63636363

Those are the first four lines of the code. The way to figure out how far ahead in the sequence you would have to go, you have to realize that each 63 indicates a single item, and that 63 changes the value to 99. If you want an item in the 16th slot of your items to be manipulated, you would use 020F5F24 xxXXxxXX, where the final XX is the 16th item, but in order to change it's value you have to change the value of the 3 before it. So you need to have a good idea of what those values should be.

If you wanted to manipulate an item from the 17th position, you would use 020F5F28 xxXXxxXX, because 28 is the next in the sequence of code, after 020F5F24, and the first xx represents the 17th item position in the normal item bag.

For the Dragon Robe itself...well, that's a different story altogether, and is far more complex block of code. I'm still trying to work out, from the code I'm using, which item is which, but the basic full line of code is this:

All Upper Body Armor - first four lines of code I think are indicators on what part of the game will be manipulated, and all of it must be present.
94000130 FFFB0000
020F64D8 35E135DF
120F64DC 000035E2
E20F6370 00000168

32C932C8 32CB32CA ==all the code from this point down are for each piece of gear, represented by each block of 4 hex digits (32C9 is one piece of armour, 32C8 is another).
32CD32CC 32CF32CE
32D232D1 32D432D3
32D632D5 32D832D7
32DA32D9 32DD32DC
32DF32DE 32E132E0
32E332E2 32E732E4
32E932E8 32EB32EA
32ED32EC 32EF32EE
32F132F0 33273318
33293328 332B332A
332D332C 332F332E
33693368 3372336A
33743373 33763375
33783377 337A3379
337C337B 337E337D
3380337F 33823381
33843383 33863385
33893388 338B338A
338D338C 338F338E
33913390 33933392
33953394 33973396
33993398 339B339A
33EB33EA 33F433EC
33F633F5 33F833F7
33FA33F9 33FC33FB
33FE33FD 340033FF
34023401 34043403
34063405 340C3408
340E340D 3410340F
344E3411 34B2344F
34BC34B3 34BE34BD
34C034BF 34C234C1
34C434C3 34C634C5
34C934C7 34CB34CA
34CD34CC 34CF34CE
34D134D0 351634D2
35213520 35233522
35253524 35273526
35293528 352C352A
352E352D 3530352F
35323531 35343533
35363535 35383537
353A3539 357F353B
35843580 35DE3585

www.backloggery.com/sleeper_hits - Where the good games are remembered.
Nothing is ever easy.

User Info: ignasia7

7 years ago#6
D5000000 00000003 ==this line of code indicates how many items will be present, the 3 means only 3 of each, if I put in 63 at the end, I would have 99 of each item.

C0000000 000000B6 ==this last block I think is to indicate that it unlocks when pressing select, I suggest always using it for armour.
D8000000 020F64F0
D2000000 00000000

So the question is, which set of 4 hex represents the Dragon Robe.

Really though, gathering Mini-medals is so unbelievably easy, and Dragon Robes can be found on the Wifi Shop, though none have appeared yet, I would imagine they would if they do a dragon themed week.

If they do a dragon themed week, or a robe themed week, odds are pretty good you'll see one. However, mini-medals drop at a 100% rate from Legacy bosses...all of them.
www.backloggery.com/sleeper_hits - Where the good games are remembered.
Nothing is ever easy.

User Info: NUKE167

7 years ago#7
Thank you very much ignasia, that was really helpful! As for the legacy bosses, I'm not even in post-game yet and I have yet to even do the first treasure map. But I'll try that first, and if that fails I'll just play around with the upper torso code. Too bad we don't have any tag mode events here in Europe... :(

User Info: ignasia7

7 years ago#8
Damn...I knew I should have asked for that info. I don't know if those will work on the EU release.
www.backloggery.com/sleeper_hits - Where the good games are remembered.
Nothing is ever easy.
...hasn't someone done an address dump of all of the armors?

Couldn't you just do a quick conversion of that?
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User Info: ignasia7

7 years ago#10
I don't know, I never found one in the thread at GBAtemp, but then I never got past page 20, and those codes were on page 1.
www.backloggery.com/sleeper_hits - Where the good games are remembered.
Nothing is ever easy.

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