Grotto Calculator updated to 2.0

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User Info: saintly

7 years ago#1
DQ9 Grotto Calculator has been updated to 2.0!

It's up at:

and hopefully soon at:

(click the 'i' icon to see the version number).

There is a new tab: "Report". If you have already explored a dungeon and want to remember what's in it, you can enter the details here. It will list the boss's weaknesses, drops, monsters by floor, and all possible chest item drops (with drop rates). You can click the 'Export' button to open it to a new window and save it as its own file.

You can now use the back/forward buttons to undo/redo changes. This works in IE 8 and Firefox 3, please let me know if it's busted in your browser. Also, if you make a bookmark to the app, it bookmarks all the options you selected as well. So if you bookmark it after entering hero level 99, 4 revocates and last dungeon 75, then when you come back that should all still be there. Again, this might not work in all browsers. Let me know.

On the 'name analyze' tab, you can link it to the predicted dungeon quality from the 'predict next dungeon' tab. Saves you from having to do it in your head.

I fixed how the page looks when printed on a few screens. If you like to print out stuff, let me know if anything is still messed up.

All tabs have their own 'help' button now. But I'm guessing you guys don't need it.

As always, click the disk icon to download it if you want. It should work fine offline.

User Info: saintly

7 years ago#2
Old thread:

User Info: Shdwwrym

7 years ago#3
I must shamefully admit I'm still stuck with IE6 (should be a few more weeks before I can finally get out of the stone ages), and get "ID [LabelAnalyze] has no class" errors whenever opening the page or trying to click on any of the buttons. Doubt many people here still have an ancient internet browser like mine, but there you go. The features sound awesome, can't wait to try it out later!

User Info: Temprus

7 years ago#4
Firefox is soooo... soooo.. nice.
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User Info: Socran

7 years ago#5
Firefox is soooo... soooo.. nice.

That may be true, but it's poor form to ignore compatibility issues just because you prefer one browser over another.

Of course, this particular one does work with the latest version of Internet Explorer, so I guess that's the real issue here...
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User Info: saintly

7 years ago#6
I'd like it to work in as many browsers as possible. =) I'll see if I can download IE6 and find out what's wrong.

User Info: Starwars4J

7 years ago#7
That may be true, but it's poor form to ignore compatibility issues just because you prefer one browser over another.

It's not ignoring compatibility, it's keeping up with standards :)
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User Info: thwgatrostys

7 years ago#8
I see that Microsoft's campaign of leveraging its huge installed base of largely computing-ignorant people by making subtle-yet-critical changes to almost every protocol and standard it touches (resulting in correct and compliant implementations causing people to say "but it looks funny in IE, it must be broke") is still charging full-steam ahead. Mmhmm.

User Info: thwgatrostys

7 years ago#9
And also...

"I'll see if I can download IE6 and find out what's wrong."

IE6 is what's wrong. If you download it, you're actually increasing your coefficient of wrongness.

User Info: TorNis7

7 years ago#10
Let's use this one then.

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