Is Terrible Tattoo worth it?

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User Info: Nogaham

6 years ago#1
It seems to give some nice resistance bonuses but is it worth the curse?

User Info: Rexalis

6 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure it make you take more damage and have less resistance.
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User Info: Nogaham

6 years ago#3
Well, then I read the signs on those resistances wrong. It seemed to good to be true anyways.

User Info: Lord Necrodain

Lord Necrodain
6 years ago#4
You're misreading the effect. Assuming you're looking at the equipment effects sticky, If an item says -# , it means it reduces damage you take of that type or reduces your chance of being afflicted by that status. The Terrible Tattoo has +#, meaning it increases the damage you take and your chance of being hit with status conditions.

In other words, no, don't equip it.
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User Info: The Mystical One

The Mystical One
6 years ago#5
They are worth keeping for alchemy purposes though!
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User Info: fawful_X

6 years ago#6
Equip cursed items at your own risk, unless it is for the quest where you have to equip a bunch of cursed items.
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User Info: kitreyes

6 years ago#7
You just better keep it and any other terrible tattoos you can find. they'll be very useful for a certain recipe later. (assuming you just got your first...)

User Info: Sulley3

6 years ago#8
You can also upgrade them to an uncursed tattoo using alchemy that is better,and keep your extras for late post-game alchemy recipes.
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User Info: ThaiUser

6 years ago#9
Once you are at the near end game, you would be able to farm the tattoo for recipe (if you want it that early). Otherwise, you can find a mid-high quality grotto to farm it as well. It is not a difficult ingredient to find after all. But no, I deny to equip any cursed item!!

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