Grotto boss "Shogun"

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User Info: roselawn21610

7 years ago#1
How do you defeat the grottto boss "Shogun"??? You know, the one that is a huge slime knight... After I do lots of damage to him, he summons "King Cureslime" who keeps healing all damage that I do.. So I keep dying!

User Info: Salah1981

7 years ago#2
Either kill him faster, or kill the King Cureslime when he summons it.

User Info: roselawn21610

7 years ago#3
Any hints as how to kill him fast?
What're your party member's levels, equipment setup and vocations?

User Info: Salah1981

7 years ago#5
This is assuming you have all the vocation scrolls, and are using a Paladin as a meatshield.

First round:
Funereal Fource, Gritty Ditty, Magic Mirror (Paladin), Falcon Slash

Second round:
Gritty Ditty, Forbearance, Falcon Slash x2

Third round:
Forbearance, Falcon Slash x3

He should be dead by now.

User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
7 years ago#6
I had a 300+ Agility ranger (level 37-40-ish) with claws mastered (using Combusticlaws at the time; this was before beating the game); Hardclaw would kill the King Cureslime before it got to act (especially since my hero, who always acts last, was constantly egging the ranger on).

I had a same-level Paladin with a whopping ~500 Defense and over 450 HP - he was my Forbearance tank (also carrying the shield scroll), and could even take the brunt of many party-effect spells and survive.

My basic routine was as follows:

Hero = Armamentalist: Egg On (Ranger). (Because he always acted last, and because the Ranger always acted first, Disruptive Wave was not an issue.)
Ranger: Hardclaw (Shogum) (Hardclaw (KCS) when summoned)
Paladin: Forbearance. Always.
Sage: Moreheal (Paladin) or Zammle (Shogum) (did not get Kazam until beating the final boss - literally from the final fight!)

All four were the same level (which started out around 37, and ended around 40, which was when I decided to beat the game), and all had mastered their primary weapon (sword+shield, claw, spear+shield, wand) and any pertinent primaries. They also collected attribute-boosting traits whenever they could (both magic stats for the sage, HP, Strength, and Resilience for the Paladin, Agility and Deftness for the Ranger, and, well, my hero was learning anything he could, heh).

So I was probably a bit overtrained. Sue me. Getting classes to level 21 is trivial by endgame, and confers 42 points to be spent wherever I need them. But if this game didn't want me to spend so much time putzing around with sidequests, it shouldn't have put them in the game!

Anyway. You probably don't need to train as much as I did just to kill Shogum. You DO, however, want someone capable of one-shotting a King Cureslime, and you want that someone to have high enough agility to act before the KCS.
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User Info: darkshadowspawn

7 years ago#7
The Hammer manual ability (Big Banga) might be worthwhile to pack. It's a Dark-elemental attack (to which Shogum and the King Cures are weak) and it's quite powerful to Hammer user (for that fight only, actually) regularly hits for over 500 on Shogum (or both, as the case may be).

The only downside to collecting the book is that the quest is a pain in the need to first drop 100 skill points into Hammers, then you need to kill a Liquid Metal Slime with Bagsy Last (makes the character attack last) while wearing a Tortoise Shell.
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User Info: Sephiroth0327

7 years ago#8
If you don't have any of the scrolls/advanced jobs, here is how I beat him:

Levels - Appx 30 - 35

Minstrel - Egg on MA
MA - Psyche Up
Priest - Heal as necessary
Warrior - I think I just had him do regular attacks

Once MA is at 100 tension, do Fan Dango. A couple Fan Dangos and he was done. If King Cureslime is ever summoned, focus everyone on attacking him (forget the Tension and Egg On). You can prevent the Omniheal if you take him down immediately.
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User Info: roselawn21610

7 years ago#9
what's MA?

User Info: Sephiroth0327

7 years ago#10
MA = Martial Artist
It's not like some butthurt kid pulled the tiers out of his ass. - DD44 on Smogon tiers

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