Runny bunny quest

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User Info: Gatchan

7 years ago#1
I guess the girl'd want my MS Sollerets, but I just got them, only have one set of them, and they're my best shoes. Is the reward worth it? What is it?

User Info: blaaaaaaag

7 years ago#2
It's an accessory that ups your style by 15. It's probably not worth it until you have another set or two of them boots.

User Info: teng789

7 years ago#3
I'm stuck with this. Still haven't found that pair of shoes. >.<

Tips, anyone?
"I've known it from the start. All these good ideas will tear your brain apart."
~ Avenged Sevenfold in Bat Country

User Info: Salah1981

7 years ago#4
Find a grotto with A rank chests.

User Info: Gatchan

7 years ago#5
Yeah, this is where I found mine. Thanks anyway, guys!

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