Are there any NPCs that can join you permanently?

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  3. Are there any NPCs that can join you permanently?

User Info: ThanatosIkke

7 years ago#1
Because I really don't like it to have to create all my own party members, it just feels like they're lifeless robots instead of human beings.

User Info: haiko17

7 years ago#2
yes there are but they are kept for the post-game after you've completed certain post-game quests.


you can get Erinn, Patty, Sellma, and Aquila to join your party. Yes, even Aquila can be added to ur party

User Info: ThanatosIkke

7 years ago#3
Blah, great... well, I guess that means I'll either have an attempt at soloing the game or stop playing alltogether *sigh*. Wish I had done a little more research beforehand, if I knew this I wouldn't have bought the game. Well, thanks for replying.

User Info: solarisjedi

7 years ago#4

You also need Wi-fi to get the quests for them.

User Info: toxic1212

7 years ago#5
how does aquila join the party? he.... well for you people who have completed the game u know what im talking about

User Info: l6904

7 years ago#6
Haiko forgot to mention that Pavo joins you as well.
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User Info: Soratami

7 years ago#7
Actually all the NPCs that join you are no different than the party members you create. It's not like they interact with your character while adventuring or anything.
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No she doesn't.
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User Info: VulpesMundi

7 years ago#9
Just to clarify, they become permanent members insofar as Patty's party list. They are NOT permanently forced into your party. You choose whether or not to take them with you, just like any party members that you create.
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User Info: Leo0820

7 years ago#10
Do the extra characters count towards the 8 characters you're allowed to have at Patty's?
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  3. Are there any NPCs that can join you permanently?

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