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User Info: yab

6 years ago#1
0. Alefgard helm 10000
1. Midenhall helm 10000
2. Aliahan headpiece 10000
3. Alefgard armour 10000
4. Midenhall garb 10000
5. Aliahan clothes 10000
6. Alefgard gloves 10000
7. Midenhall gloves 10000
8. Aliahan gloves 10000
9. Alefgard trousers 10000
10. Midenhall trousers 10000
11. Aliahan trousers 10000
12. Alefgard boots 10000
13. Midenhall boots 10000
14. Aliahan boots 10000
15. Mystifying mixture 280
16. Malicite 666
17. Sage's elixir 750
18. Yggdrasil leaf 3000
19. Saint's ashes 5000
20. Astral plume 420
21. Lucida shard 1800
22. Enchanted stone 600
23. Reset stone 3400
24. Perfect panacea 245

It's already been mentioned but I added a few more things to the DQVC search site. Not that it'll be too useful this week.

User Info: GauRocks

6 years ago#2
To be fair, this week is useful if you haven't got Nokturnus or Rhapthorne and missed the previous times when the Alefgard trousers and gloves got handed out.

Otherwise, the only notable thing is the quest, which moves our item lists one step closer to completion.

All in all, another boring week. Better than last week, since a few of these items are technically DQVC and Nintendo event exclusive at the moment, but none of it will stay that way.
- adv. Apparently.

User Info: I_h8_sauerkraut

6 years ago#3
Not much new.

That aside, thanks for the price info.

User Info: Destructor526

6 years ago#4
Yay a week off from buying stuff (still buying from last week however) although I'll probably buy what shows up because I'm a sucker for more stuff.
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C'mon GauRocks. Last week had Sainted Somas and Ethereal Stones. Best week in a WHILE.

And yeah, guess I'll just grab what pops up in the shop.

Should probably farm for gold at some point, but...meh, would rather play something else.
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User Info: GauRocks

6 years ago#6
C'mon GauRocks. Last week had Sainted Somas and Ethereal Stones. Best week in a WHILE.

Fair enough, but I tend to ignore alchemy stuff. There's nothing stopping you from getting it all without DQVC, and my Alchenomicon's been at two missing for a while. It's not even the most tedious part of maxing out - that honor goes to seed farming.
- adv. Apparently.

User Info: BAGTbird

6 years ago#7
I hope this doesn't mean next week will be Zenithian, Gothan, and Somnia. Actually, I could still use Somnia Hair, but I may have Mortamor leveled enough by then anyway. Looks like I've got a week to save money.

User Info: kazin1979

6 years ago#8
Not sure whats better a week away from money grinding or expensive goodies in the shop.
The wheel of time turns...

User Info: foveroula

6 years ago#9
Another week of saving my gold. Time to relax till more goodies come our way. ^_^
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User Info: Link_Destined_1

6 years ago#10
Aargh, missed Soma week.

Well, I can pick up the remainder of the Alefgard set.
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