Malroth is the Iowa of legacy bosses

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User Info: Rottenmonk

6 years ago#1
Middle of the road, no glaring weaknesses. Average. Uninteresting. Not too easy, but not real tough either.

Just like Iowa.

Grinding him is boring. He's at 50 now and I feel like I'm going to fall asleep if I have to fight him any longer.

Also, is it correct to have fur hoods and white tights on? It feels like c-c-c-cold breath is his most damaging attack.
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User Info: BAGTbird

6 years ago#2
I just have my fan-wielding Paladin use Reverse Cycle, then spam Forbearance until Knight Watch triggers. No need for Magic Mirror, since Malroth never uses spells. She's got enough HP to take a full C-c-cold Breath if he ever uses Disruptive Wave before it.

User Info: Destructor526

6 years ago#3
Actually, I think he is one of the more difficult ones. Most of the bosses are weak to an element they use but Malroth does not. He also does a fair amount of damage especially if he psyches up. Blinder also forces you to not have an accessory like higher critical chance or higher coup-de-grace chance.

He does have a throwaway ability in Fullheal, but it still heals him for a decent amount - probably heals the amount of damage by a level 99 gladiator with falcon slash and a falcon blade. He's probably only easier than Nokturnus, Estark, Dragonlord, and maybe Zoma although I think Malroth is harder than Zoma.
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User Info: MinstrelSage719

6 years ago#4
i just got Malroth's map the other day through the DQVC quest. (hallelujah, thank you DQVC. you've made the post-game experience so much more fun!!)
he killed me in 2 turns.
how is he easy to you?!!!!
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User Info: RSmit

6 years ago#5
Read this (see below) and then try again. Legacy bosses are no pushovers, even Baramos (allegedly the easiest one among them) can and will wipe out an unprepared party.
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User Info: Rottenmonk

6 years ago#6
*Malroth uses Psyche Up

*Malroth attacks. Veronica blocks with her shield.

*Malroth is enthralled by Veronica.

<3 <3 <3 Thank you, Iowa :D
Fair. Next.

User Info: Rai_of_Winds

6 years ago#7
... Uh, yeah. If you've only gotten a specific boss to 50?

I'm terribly sorry, but you don't know crap about what it's actually capable of >_>;

Dragonlord's one of the most horrifyingly difficult/challenging/tedious Legacy Bosses of the bunch... at 99.

He's not that terribly bad at 50. Even Estark is only mildly hair-yankingly annoying at 50.

That "Attack and Defence increase" bit isn't for show ya know...
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User Info: Rottenmonk

6 years ago#8
I didn't say he was easy, yeesh.

I just said he was average for a legacy boss. Which he is.

Compared to Nimzo and Murdaw, he's definitely harder.

But compared to Estark or Dragonlord, he's definitely easier.
Fair. Next.
He's definitely above average at high levels.

Orgodemir is average. Psaro is average. Malroth? Bastard is too dodge happy.
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User Info: Rottenmonk

6 years ago#10
76 now.

He just used disruptive wave 8 turns in a row. Seriously?

That's my biggest gripe with him at these levels. It just takes forever because of the constant healing and waving.
Fair. Next.
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