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User Info: Godzofhell

8 years ago#1

well, basically now i'm at the place where you get your own boat.

after you beat that spider monster to save the doll girl.

Just wondering if the cave where the spider was is a good spot for me to level from 36-50??

cause i saw the metal slime brothers thing. (3 metal slimes stacked up)

well, before training in the hagure slimes monster caves, thought this was a good place to level up.

can someone tell me if this place is really good for training??


User Info: roido_medasu

8 years ago#2
its a ggod training spot, up to level 48 i think, after that it takes to long to level and the pay-off isnt good enough (only 2 SP per level and the levels dont come fast enough)
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User Info: Godzofhell

8 years ago#3

thx roido i appreciate it.

User Info: DarkKnghtZ

8 years ago#4

You are far better off at that level spreading out your levels over classes and picking up permanent bonuses. Stats and skills over a large spread of classes > 1 class at high levels.

Metal brothers (the slimes stacked up that you mentioned) give around 3-4 k xp depending on party levels and such. I found after level 25-30 it slows down, and they run away often. The monsters in that cave also dont give that great of xp outside of metal brothers.

For example:

Make a fighter (people are calling them monks here)
get as much of his str/speed/whatever from his class skill as you want, then dump into bare hands. --> battlemaster. Get all the stat boosts you want, dump into bare hands. ---> Theif get the speed/skill/skills you want from his theif line, ---> dump bare hands. Doing this you can easily get tons of stats, and 100 bare hands skill. After that, you have an OBSCENELY good fighter with bokuretsuken that kills just about anything if its solo(at least until the monster cave) and gets 4 swings on metal monsters (each one can crit, and it only takes 1. For extra damage/power, you can switch to paladin for defense/hp, then Soldier for str/defense, etc.etc....

Do the same getting magic power for mages, healing power for clerics, etc etc. Be aware that Ive found a number of errors on the skill faq on this site, so I hope you can read japanese in order to get the boosts/skills you want.

After you do this for most all your characters, you can move on with the story and basically ROFLstomp your way to the monster cave, which opens Haguremetaru for you to kill, which is around 3X as much xp as metal brothers.

Hope that helps.

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