How do I alchemize a Sunstone?

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User Info: darck1234567890

7 years ago#1
I've not been able to find any details on the subject. It's all I need to get an Inferno Blade.
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User Info: Pdaimaoh

7 years ago#2
search topics for "repository"

I know you need two lucida shards which take 3 evencloths and 3 brightensomethings each
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User Info: KaelAltreul

7 years ago#3
You need to take the stone to the Sun Keep in 65M B.C. and return at 2300 A.D. so it can be fully charged.

... Wait. Wrong game.
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User Info: Mooj Starfury

Mooj Starfury
7 years ago#4
If you get a pokemon with pickup up to around level 50 or so, you'll start getting enough sun stones to choke a Snorlax.

Wait, wrong game...
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User Info: SuperSonic12366

7 years ago#5
You need:
3 mirrostones
2 Lucida shards
1 Hephaestus flame
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User Info: SirSpudly

7 years ago#6

You have to wait for the dry season on the Giza Plains to speak to Masuya. She will give you a shadestone that you need to charge at the four dark stones. When you fill up the shadestone to 100% you now have a...

Oh wait wrong game ^-^.

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