Action Replay codes.

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User Info: lunarXskies

7 years ago#41
Is there a way of increasing the pages on the equip screen? Getting the cheats to work still only limits you to 1~2 pages of armors
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User Info: EvertoVinco

7 years ago#42
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User Info: Son_of_Mana

7 years ago#43
Any action replay codes for logging all the accolades list?

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User Info: shaman62221

7 years ago#44
Is it just me or did the Full 99 All Item code just give me 99 of the items that are on my first page only?
this happen to anyone else and how can i fix this?

User Info: SardaSage

7 years ago#45
Try cycling items around. Assuming that you can, of course.
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User Info: dmc3trickster11

7 years ago#46

Is there a button I need to press to activate the "Full Mini Metals" code? I still don't seem to get any...

User Info: Lupin the 4th

Lupin the 4th
7 years ago#47
So, which codes would I need to put in to have the cameo characters show up (and get all their costume pieces)? I'm guessing the 999 visitors code, the inn upgrades code, and the "all visitor rooms unlocked" code...right? I don't mind waiting on the DLC quests, but since I went to the trouble of naming my female mage Jessica, I want her to cosplay said DQ8 character.
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User Info: erdrickquest75

7 years ago#48
you guys nothing but a bunch of cheater can you guys play without cheating. cheating is no hardly a challenge an least your sock player perhaps you need to cheat thats make sense.

all my party team in level

Hero Paladin level 54
3 Sages level 52

undefeated 0
running from battle 0
victory over 2000
heres a hint how you get very strong faster try killing a lot of liquid metal slime because the give you a lot of expience.

thats all i kill most liquid metal slime, i only kill some monster if i see new one if i already kill it i just ignoring it i'm more interested killing liquid metal slime.

thats i call a chalenge you need to be pro with this game without cheating.

User Info: -NaS-

7 years ago#49
Good thing I use usrcheat .dat files, all those goddamn lines I had to input by hand with Pokemon R/S/E...
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User Info: -NaS-

7 years ago#50

From: erdrickquest75hurrdurrderphurr

Other people using cheats for DQ 9 doesn't affect you in any way, kiddo. Calm down.
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