Whats the best party setup?

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User Info: squiggy2

7 years ago#1
What are the best combination of classes to have in your party?

User Info: bloodriotiori

7 years ago#2
i was concerned with this myself, and i've see 58290085 topics for it already, but after a bit of playing i answered this myself....

there is no best setup :D Every character in the game is usable from what i've seen, each excel at something and they're all useful really.

I myself went with the old standby Hero/Fighter/Cleric/Mage formula (mainly because i always do, and i usually did this in other games that give you the option too because it gives you a good spread of abilities) and so far it hasn't really let me down. I plan on eventually probably changing at least one of my characters into a ranger (i gotta look up some more info on this) as i just unlocked this ability, and my fighter will probably change into a warrior after i max out her agility and what not so i have a super fast warrior with focus skills that can brutally rape everything because it has the best weapons and armor in the game too :), possibly switching BACK to a martial artist after i max out the sword skills so i can use swords with my martial artist xD

Once i get all the classes unlocked i will look more into it, right now i'm just enjoying the main game, switching my classes when i need to (like i did for a certain quest recently), and wondering "oh boy i can't wait to see what'll happen when i get THIS ability", basically i'm playing dragon warrior the way it's meant to be played :)

But yes to answer your question once again, there's really no "best" setup at all, pick who you like, use your early skill points carefully, and enjoy :D
gamertag: bloodriotiori69

User Info: squiggy2

7 years ago#3
Alright. thanks !

User Info: bloodriotiori

7 years ago#4
yup yup :) From what i've been told, priests aren't that good early on, but i've had no issues up to this point by having one, the healing has only served to make leveling and bosses easier (infact there's one boss i fought up to this point that took me beyond the "oh crap i think i might die here" feeling you get with bosses in dragon warrior games, to the "oh my god...i'm going to die next turn, i just spent all this time getting to this point and i'm about to die....CRAP!!!" level lol, and the only thing that saved me was the fact i had the priest with me xD

But ya, there's quite a few classes, plus lots of hidden ones you unlock as you go, i just spent an hour doing a quest so i could get one of the classes, i was forced to switch my mage to a thief just so i could have enough attack power to land Toxic Dagger against a certain enemy lol, then spent a long ass time trying to work them down with that skill so i could finish the quest -_- People are saying the main game takes about 35-40 hours....mine is going to take more like 70-80 lol, and again that's just for my main game xD What can i say heh.
gamertag: bloodriotiori69

User Info: ForsakenSanity

7 years ago#5
Get kinda tired of seeing 'there is no best' answers. There's going to be an optimal setup for every situation. we just haven't figured them out yet. :P
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User Info: bloodriotiori

7 years ago#6
oh i'm sure there is, but as soon as you figure that out come back and let me know, in the mean time i'm sticking with "there is no best" lol. Again i really liked my setup (and still do) of the old Hero/Fighter/Cleric/Mage, it's served me well up to this point just fine, i've had no issues beating any bosses, i'm not really overleveled, the only boss i had trouble with is the one that we've ALL had trouble with at that point lol. So to me, this seems to be the "best", even though i know it's not ;)
gamertag: bloodriotiori69

User Info: Firionel20

7 years ago#7
One of the JP wikis recommends:

Minstrel, Attacker-type, Priest, Mage

Attacker-type, Gladiator, Priest, Mage

After unlocking some vocations:
Paladin, Gladiator, Priest, Mage
Armamentalist, Gladiator, Priest, Mage

For treasure maps:
Paladin, Gladiator, Priest, Sage
Armamentalist, Gladiator, Ranger, Sage
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User Info: bloodriotiori

7 years ago#8
i see. I need to find the Gladiator quest still and hope i can complete it, up to this point i haven't found it, i hope i haven't missed it :(

I was considering changing my hero into a MA once i become proficient in swords (aka level 100 skill) so i can use the tension skills there as well and then back to Minstrel so i have access to the spells as well as egging on my other teammates, but we shall see. I only wish the game was ALOT harder and ALOT longer so you really hard to sit down and figure out "ok i need this guy for this thing, this guy for this thing, and then go back to this for this other thing", instead of basically being able to take whoever you want at any time. Sure you might have a harder time with certain parties, but i've yet to come up against anything i couldn't beat with my old standby team.
gamertag: bloodriotiori69

User Info: Capt_Senicide

7 years ago#9
I have been wondering myself, however, I know that the idea is that your are free to play around and enjoy the game.

So far I am using a party of 4 having each specialize in 3 vocations while having them train in 2 independent skill trees and 1 tree shared between the 3.

Holden (M)
Warrior - Sword, Shield, Courage
Gladiator - Axe, Shield, Guts
Paladin - Spear, Shield, Virtue

Sable (F)
Minstrel - Fan, Shield, Litheness
Luminary - Whip, Shield, Je Ne Sais Quoi
Armamentalist - Bow, Shield, Fource

Ian (M)
Martial Artist - Claw, Fisticuffs, Focus
Thief - Knife, Fisticuffs, Acquisitiveness
Ranger Boomerang, Fisticuffs, Ruggedness

Paige (F)
Mage - Wand, Shield, Spellcraft
Priest - Staff, Shield, Faith
Sage - Boomerang, Shield, Enlightenment
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User Info: RandyNotaLoca

7 years ago#10
I was wondering this myself, I just started this game.
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