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User Info: killanotha1

7 years ago#1
Do you use Tactics? Just wondering ^^b

I use "wisely" since I'm dumb and often select the wrong things D:

Also My Thief likes to heal when someone gets hit too hard and my priest is too slow. Its helpful.

So yea . . . How about you?

User Info: seanolan

7 years ago#2
My tactics:

Push the A button.

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User Info: Firionel20

7 years ago#3
I'm debating on whether or not to use it in this game. On DQV I use it a lot, because the characters have specific abilities that normally work just fine with tactics. On games like DQVII, your characters have too many abilities to choose from and tactics become useless. It's no good to have your healer on "Focus on Healing" when they know damage magic, because they'll just spam Bang, Frizz, etc, then have no MP left by the time they actually have to heal.

Other than that issue though, DQ is pretty good at AI. I do like how their actions aren't actually selected until their turn comes up, so they can react to healing or critical hits perfectly, whereas on manual you have to predict and hope.
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User Info: OpeeFomenom

7 years ago#4
I don't. I don't like my characters wasting their MP on weak enemies. Most battles can be won by simply ordering your people to attack the right enemies and I'd prefer to save my MP for enemies that are harder or bosses.

User Info: Fruitloops89

7 years ago#5
the only time i used tactics in a DQ game that i played was my last run through 8 I needed a drop from an enemy and set everyone to go all out. I like control over my people
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