How do I fly?

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User Info: leehom281

7 years ago#1
I completed quest 39. How do I summon the train???

User Info: SinisterSaints

7 years ago#2
You can fly? Interesting. Where do you get the quest?
MH3 Name: Jess ID: Don't know, I'll check.

User Info: Teasels

7 years ago#3
after you finish the game
to summon the train simply use the whistle you got from the quest
should be in your bag

User Info: leehom281

7 years ago#4
Whistle isn't in my bag....

User Info: leehom281

7 years ago#5
NM finally found it...

User Info: LucarioLatiosDS

7 years ago#6
quest 39, get it from the pink-hared girl in the port area (who summoned the fish earlier in the game)

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