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cursed items

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User Info: atlasstudios

7 years ago#1
is there a way to uncurse items so when you wear them you dont get cursed?

User Info: xCheesecake

7 years ago#2
well u cant really tell if an item is cursed - the only item i know that curses u is terrible tatoo
but u can cure curse by using benediction in the church, costing about 800g max for a lv 30, or so.
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User Info: Doomerang

7 years ago#3

From: xCheesecake | #002
but u can cure curse by using benediction in the church, costing about 800g max for a lv 30, or so.

That doesn't solve the TC's problem at all, as benediction also removes the cursed item from the character and puts it back in your inventory.

I don't think there is any way to actually un-curse an item.
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User Info: Firionel20

7 years ago#4
I think some items that be used in alchemy to create a new one that isn't cursed. For example, the Skullcap is cursed, and it can be used to make the Sun Crown.
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User Info: demiface

7 years ago#5
Cursed items can usually be alchemized to become "pure" and stronger

User Info: KrazyApple

7 years ago#6
You can uncurse yourself (which unequips all cursed items) with the benediction ability castable by priests and you can pay money to get it done at a church.

Some items can be "uncursed" generally this means alchemizing it with one or more Saints Ashes. The item will more or less look the same have more or less the same stats but will generally have a different name after this is done, the plus side to doing this is it is no longer cursed.

Other items like the terrible tattoo, is just gets combined with other things to make useful things and it can be used to make a Tough Guy Tattoo which I guess could be considered an uncursed terrible tattoo.

You it you want know the exacts for a particular item just hit the alchemy list and find your item.

User Info: Chaingunmaster

7 years ago#7
Sometimes cursed items actually have pros that outweigh the cons. The Hela hammer from V for example; 50 hit rate but guaranteed criticals. It made grinding for metals so much easier.
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User Info: atlasstudios

7 years ago#8
the item i want uncursed is a demon helm, it was a nice defence boost :/

User Info: nickvd8

7 years ago#9
Some of the cursed items give you a hint, like I have a few that says "has an ominous odor about it". I'm pretty sure this means its cursed.

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