What do you think is the best team?

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User Info: jtegnell

7 years ago#1
Just thought I'd get everyone's opinion of the best line up for a team?

I'm presently playing with Minstrel, Mage, Warrior, Martial Artist. Can't say I'm in love with it, but it's working reasonably so far.

User Info: Belligero

7 years ago#2
Best team?

Superstar x4.

User Info: Pdaimaoh

7 years ago#3
I'm looking into my current setup and happy with it compared to others:

Everyone has Paladin up to 68 for the resilience boost and everyone has Sage to 100 for the MP boosting. Everyone also has shields.

Sage with a sword, Thief with a spear, Gladiator with a spear, Mage with a wand

Sage has lots of strength boost and Erdrick's sword so lots of ass whuppin potential as well as having the multiheal spell and kabuff...

Thief is the metal hunter and I have a thing for stealing items so the coup de grace is excellent. With Wolf Whistle he can get 300 damage on anything so that's nice.

Gladiator has changed around a lot, was a Ranger but I read Gladiators have better damage output in the long run. Lots of boosted agility, backup metal slime hunter

Mage has been a mage most the game, used to be the primary healer with Caduceus until late game bosses and treasure map bosses required multiheal. Master of Oomph!

I'm training up for axes for both spear users so I can determine which one is better suited to going a different route for weapons. I like multithrust on the gladiator a whole lot...

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User Info: BaKuRi

7 years ago#4
I'm currently building towards...

Luminary with fans. a good line up of offensive spells and a group heal through fans, happens to be the Hero for Egg-on for bosses as even Kaswooshle lags behind multi-hit physicals for single target damage.

Gladiator with swords. Falcon slash falcon slash falcon slash. Has nothing but Strength and deftness passives. My egg-on and Oomph target.

Armamentalist with Wands. The oompher and mp battery via M-pathy sidelines in Axes for random hitting and helm splitter.

Palladin with fists/fans. Uses evasion up abilities then removes his weapon for the dodge bonus from fisticuffs, usually just spams forberance but serves a a decent off healer or beater with fan dango when AoEs could potentially OTK.

So far any boss that doesn't kill something in one hit hasn't been an issue and with 2 good attackers and the best physical along with the luminary's strong magic randoms end fast. I just need to finish up getting every agi deft and hp passive for everyone
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User Info: lambchips

7 years ago#5
i like my set up

hero= paladin with fan
- tanks great
- heals 70 hp with no mp cost
- egg on

priest with a spear
- amazing healer
- good physical attacker when its not doing anything (nowadays in the dungeons, it uses multiheal every turn, maybe i should invest into wand for bosses)
- great speed

sage with a wand
- channel anger is pwnage
- great mp pool
- great healing spells

magic knight
- great physical attacker (could be better if i changed to glad or warrior, but then i would sacrifice alot of mp)
- good buffs
- basically my main tension stricker with gigagasher or metal slime dmg dealer
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User Info: DragonQIXFan

7 years ago#6
Luminary with fan, Sage, Gladiator, and your choice between the hitters that offer utility:
1. Paladin has the defensive buffs.
2. Armamentalist has crappy offensive buffs
3. Martial Artist acts first and hits harder than the other two. If you want to micromanage his inventory, might be the best choice.

Or Luminary x 4. Given how frequently the boss drools over just 1 Luminary, He might only act half his turns with 4 of them while they throw money at him (hardest hitting skill in the game) and disco dance his life away.

User Info: Jati_no_Rei

7 years ago#7
I'm liking my team a lot, too, though I'm only 2/3rd's of the way thru the main plot, so no Sage yet.

Main - Swd - Armamentalist right now, but I'll probably train him in Ranger soon, once he master's shields. Back-up thief, metal killer and support/attacker.

Tank - Spear - Paladin mainly, subs as priest/armamentalist occasionally. I always loved spears, but the Spear abilities in this game are just Sick. Multi-thrust is my main metal-killer so far, with Metal slash coming in a distant second. Uses war-cry a lot

Thief/Support - Whip - Minstrel/thief/mage. mainly uses Half-inch, heals and whips things. Lots of Agi-boosts.

Mage/Priest - Fan - uses wands occasionally, since it's hard to be a good mage w/o it, but has some points into Str up and a really nice fan, so she does comparative damage to my thief. Usually my fastest character, so she does lots of War-crying as well. The Party MP-supply, with Focus Pocus and M-pathy.
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User Info: Takiatchi

7 years ago#8
At the monent I'm using

Minstrel (Sword)
Preist (Spear)
Mage (Wand)
Thief (Dagger)

I usualy go for this kind of team in most RPGs, I don't "love" it but it's working fine so far. Probably change to a Warrior once Im able, not very far in yet :>

User Info: thepixiesown

7 years ago#9
It took me so freaken long to decide on what to run, but

Hero is an Armamentalist (Sword), with the ability to Steal
Priest (Spear) but will probably change to Paladin once I get it unlocked
Mage (Wand), and again will probably upgrade to Sage later
Gladiator (Axe), for the much needed physical support in my party :)
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