Quest #91 - Critical Appraisal

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User Info: Pdiddy105

7 years ago#1

how exactly do i go about angering monsters and then hitting them with a critical right after? this quest sounds impossible...

User Info: Pdaimaoh

7 years ago#2
I guess put Whistle skill on someone that has 58 points in axes or spears, then whistle to piss off the monster then go and use thunder thrust or hatchet man and hope.
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User Info: NintendoNite

7 years ago#3
kill and anger slimes
Easy peasy.
Finished it in an hour

User Info: tirashane

7 years ago#4
I thought Whistle would do the trick, but after using it around 12 times, the monsters don't respond to it at all.

User Info: Pdiddy105

7 years ago#5

well, i guess ill just ignore this quest for now.

User Info: tirashane

7 years ago#6
Pdaimoh, I tried that. Apparently it doesn't count, because it has to be a normal crit.

Honestly, this quest is even more difficult than the level 40 MA quest.

User Info: SatanManofPeace

7 years ago#7
"Honestly, this quest is even more difficult than the level 40 MA quest."
Eh, I wouldn't say more difficult. The MA quest actually took me more time. Just comes down to luck you know.
Just try to find an area where enemies come in groups so when the whistle works, you have more chances to crit.

User Info: acero47

7 years ago#8
Yeah, I've been having trouble with this one too. It's simple enough, but I'm just not getting the crits. I even have 1 HP with the Ranger's scroll (+crit chance with very low health) and I haven't gotten any crits in many, many battles. I've personally been going against Slime Knights outside Alltrades, since I'm pretty sure they don't run away.

User Info: krono62

7 years ago#9
When I first got this quest I thought it was going to be hell.

However I got it relatively easily while exploiting the Treasure Maps for drops. Just whistle and kill'll happen eventually. Mine just so happened to be on those Gold Golems.
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User Info: jmarlo2

7 years ago#10
Since its the person who has raged the monster doesn't have to be the one to crit kill, this is best left as a "play through and it'll eventually transgress itself" type quest.

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