Cant make a rousing ring. Help

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User Info: NintendoNite

7 years ago#1
i tried the formula in "try your luck" but he keeps saying i cant make it.

Rousing ring
= Gold ring x 1 + Sleepy stick x 1 + Wakerobin x 1

Do i need a recipie for it?
i dont think i do. If i do, where do i get the recipe for this ring

User Info: Gamemaster64

7 years ago#2
No you don't need the recipe for any of them

That is right, the only problem is you need 3 wakerobin.
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User Info: darkshadowspawn

7 years ago#3
You can find the recipe in Gleeba, but you don't need it to create the ring.
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User Info: fortree

7 years ago#4
*Checks his recipe*

Here's the problem, the formula requires three wakerobins- not one.

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