Grotto Names (and what they mean)

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User Info: Dogscratch

7 years ago#31
Oh wow, Terence sighting on these boards, looking forward to reading other interesting tidbits from you sir. Been a fan since Golden Sun came out!
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"Is there a list somewhere of what monsters are what ranks?"

The strategy guide has a list of the monsters you can find at each rank and dungeon type. (granted, they use random alphabets but this can easily be changed to the numbers)

Dragovian1 already submitted his FAQ with the information.

User Info: mastersord

7 years ago#33
Now where can I find out what is possible at each rank? Monster ranks, treasure ranks, boss list? Excellent info btw!

User Info: DV8ingSources

7 years ago#34
Glad our sticky requests didn't fall on deaf ears (limp fingers?) !

Very deserving topic

User Info: ignasia7

7 years ago#35
Bloody awesome Terence, bloody awesome indeed, nice job. - Where the good games are remembered.
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User Info: Dustin1280

7 years ago#36
Awesome topic!

Much appreciated
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User Info: exCLOUDyGH

7 years ago#37
Very awesome topic and guide... Terence...!!!
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User Info: thanos17

7 years ago#38
Terence, You Flippin' Rock Man! Saves a whole lot of time and effort!!!

User Info: acero47

7 years ago#39
Congrats on the sticky. Quick question, do you know which monsters fall under which ranks? For example, what rank would the Platinum King Slime (I think that's its name) be? Or, for those of us looking for Moai Minstrels, it'd be great to have a better feel for what grotto names to look out for.

User Info: vanek_pi

7 years ago#40
i believe the monster and boss ranks will be pretty easy to figure out. just use the guide here and see what level /rank etc of the map is and see what monsters and bosses you get and fit them into those ranks.
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