Grotto Names (and what they mean)

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User Info: acero47

7 years ago#41

From: vanek_pi
i believe the monster and boss ranks will be pretty easy to figure out. just use the guide here and see what level /rank etc of the map is and see what monsters and bosses you get and fit them into those ranks.

Well, sure, I was just asking if anyone had done that yet, so we didn't have duplicate work.

User Info: DragonQIXFan

7 years ago#42
I just got my first gem named map thanks to this guide ^_^

I was stuck at high 60s but decided to believe in the equation and power-leveled my main character on a map with alot of LMS on its 5th level (level 47 iron lair of dread) too level 80. Then a few map drops later, I got a sapphire map level 77!

User Info: DQMJ2FTW

7 years ago#43
this guide got me from having lvl 20 maps and below to high 30s and low 40s, and if i keep going im sure ill be able to hit 70+
Its Amazing

User Info: Son_of_Mana

7 years ago#44
The LEGENDARY TERENCE has returned!!!!
You Spoony Bard, don't you know the VII's are always the greatest?
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User Info: dothackzero

7 years ago#45
So what rank are the metal king slimes?

User Info: MogKnightAzure

7 years ago#46
What are bosses 1 through 12, and how do they reportedly get stronger as you go? I'm still a little lost on this.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

7 years ago#47

I don't believe the "grotto" bosses get any harder at all. I've done about 35 maps and encountered a tonne of repeats. The original equinox was the same strength as one I fought in a level 30+ map.

User Info: MogKnightAzure

7 years ago#48
Nevermind, upon further investigation, I am to believe that there are 12 grotto bosses that do not vary in individual strength, and 13 legacy bosses that can level up and pose an incredible challenge.
"I miss seeing Mario decapitate Sonic or Sonic peeing in Peaches *******. there's just no soul nowadays." - ShiNoBinn

User Info: Cecil Ragnarok

Cecil Ragnarok
7 years ago#49
RaptorLC: So instead you made a sucky suicide that you're lucky was deleted quickly, so only a few LUEsers are actively mocking you for how bad it was.

User Info: Mirdyn

7 years ago#50
Nice, I wondered if there was any meaning to these names.

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