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team building help?

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User Info: unlucky23

7 years ago#1
This is actually the second DQ game I am picking up and still getting used to the game mechanics and ESPECIALLY team mechanics
It seems there are many things i am overlooking and i would like some help

I know I want to use

My Main as an Armamentalist (eggon/swordsman/buffer right?)
A Martial Artist Character (im looking into a fisticuffs Gladiator, any suggestions?)
A Sage/Priest/Paladin (wand user/main healer/partial tank perhaps?)

I dont know exactly what to do for the fourth character

can anyone point me in the right direction for a good well balanced team?
and how about skill trees? any suggestions on those for these characters?

thank you in advance

User Info: unlucky23

7 years ago#2
i was thinking a Mage Knight as a fourth character... but isnt that a difficult class to obtain?

User Info: Cesious

7 years ago#3
Armamentalist IS Mage Knight. It was just renamed in the english version.

Fisticuffs is generally frowned upon by the community here because it ends up underpowered compared to all other weapon types.

User Info: unlucky23

7 years ago#4
HAHAHAH shows how much i know xD

Well in that case, Would this set up work out?

I want my main character to stay related to the beginning Minstril abilities (eggon/decent attack spells/swords mastery)
i dont want to take him down the paladin route, though i can see a paladin being useful for tension building, i just dont know what to do.

What would you suggest to do with a Martial Artist then?
What skill/weapon route?

User Info: ThatSageGuy

7 years ago#5
I use a Armamentalist, Priest, Gladiator, Paladin group myself.

Armamentalist (Egg on/buffer)
Priest (healer)
Gladiator (main damage dealer) Uber Falcon Sword FTW
Paladin (tank)

But this is more for end game (grottos/legacy bosses).
New account because I wanted to change my name.

User Info: unlucky23

7 years ago#6
well the only reason i am aiming for an end game group during the game, is so i can save some time by making the right choices in what skills to put up.

I like the Gladiator Idea with Falcon Slash actually, I looked into it when i saw it on another post somewhere on this forum

what weapon choice have you chosen with the armamentalist?
I was trying to decide between fans or swords
with a sword i can give some good damage output after buffing
but with fans i have another way of healing and some other good abilities

User Info: ThatSageGuy

7 years ago#7
Ah right, armamentalist I went with bows as it just looked kinda nice, priest uses spears, and paladin uses fans (lol), fans can reflect back breath attacks. I like to have everybody using different types of weapons.
New account because I wanted to change my name.

User Info: unlucky23

7 years ago#8
any reason priest uses spears?
I know it looks cool, i did it on my previous playthrough
but i dont know why hahah

and i saw the paladin build you put up
i really liked it
and i will look into it indefinitely

who did your paladin start off as?
martial artist? warrior? minstril?

how good are bows on armamentalists?

User Info: ThatSageGuy

7 years ago#9
When the priest doesn't need to heal, spears do more damage than a wand, and I never really have mana problems. I don't think that was me who posted the paladin build. The paladin I just made and used ar to lv them fast to catch up to everyone else. The melee damage from bows on armamenalist is good.
New account because I wanted to change my name.

User Info: Cesious

7 years ago#10
I'm doing similar to Sage for the most part.

Hero: Armamentalist - Swords - Easily a powerful weapon, combine the Fources with the Uber Falcon Sword and Falcon Slash and you've got 4x high damage in a single attack.

Char 2: Martial Artist->Gladiator - Claws - High damage, a few good skills, my girlfriend loves dagger/claw based weapons and claws > daggers any day of the week on here. I personally love Hard Claw as it deals 2 high damage attacks, either or both can crit and she has a high crit rate.

Char 3: Mage<->Priest->Sage - Wands - Huge MP/Regen boost makes for almost permanent max MP or quick enough to regain, so constant damage. Also add Paladin's class skill in for a big HP/Res boost for survival and enough healing to be the main healer.

Char 4: Priest<->Paladin(Switch where needed) - Spears, Priest and Paladin both have weapon choice of spears, makes it easy to level. On top of that the spear skill Lightning Thrust is a 50/50 chance of insta-killing any metal slime in the game. High damage, can tank, gets powerful heals(Albeit being an offhealer).

ATM I just got the boat, have an Uber Miracle Sword, Kestrel Claws, nearing completion of a Hieroglyph Staff and a Demon Spear. Even with all that, my Gladiator with the claws puts my Armamentalist to shame.

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